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    HLT users: quick help needed please with a dimension

    I have a specific use case for an HLT. I have a bulky multitool, so it likely wouldn't go in the elastic strap area on one side, but rather will be tucked into the "spine" (the area between the two halves when opened). What is the longest tool/implement you can put along the "spine" of this item and still zip it up with ease? The tool is 6 1/4" inches long, I'm guessing I'll have to get an HLT2, but I would be appreciative if I could get dimensions for both.
    Getting to the point with too many bags to list them all. Current daily carry is a PickUp Truck and Everyday Cubelet. Love all my shop bags, ghost whales, cubelets. Hoping to travel again soon to use my A30 and co-pilot.

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    The HTL 2 in Balistic 630 Recycled or Halcyon inner spine length is the same has a the Tom Bihn ruler the top flushed to one of the zipper pull mechanism and the 5 inches mark on top of the zipper pull mechanism on the other side. The width is a little more than a Tom Bihn ruler.

    With a tape measure length is 6 inches and width is 2.75 inches, the little line just before 3 inches.

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