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    Suggestion: more pockets on Vertical Brain Cell

    I just bought a Vertical Brain Cell for my Brain Bag. I also have a Vertical Freudian Slip and as I was looking at both of them next to each other it occurred to me that the VBC would be more useful, and could even replace the VFS thus saving weight/space in my bag, if it had more pockets going up the exposed side instead of just the 2 pockets on the bottom.

    Has that ever been discussed?

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    I don't recall seeing this idea before, but it's a very good one! It would add a lot of functionality to an otherwise singular use box.
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    I agree that it would add a lot of functionality and it is a great suggestion.

    I would add that the "pockets" be removable. This is to have it continue to be Checkpoint Friendly. I currently use my Brain Cell as my Checkpoint Friendly cover for my laptop and have never had an issue. I definitely do not want to lose the security check functionality.

    If it is about adding more capacity while carrying it alone, I do add on some of the TB pouches. I wrote a blog on it too:

    TPNL’s TB Design Spotlight

    I have found the most convenient easy addition is a PCSB, GPLP or Side Effect hooked piggy back style onto a Brain Cell for additional organization. It does not cover your large papers but I find I can fit them in the main Brain Cell compartment with my computer if need be.

    Hope this helps

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