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  • Thought I'd post what my perfect work back pack would look like... and hope that sometime in the future it will come...

    What if a Brain Bag and a Synik got together and have a love child...

    It would have:
    • Brain Bag two main compartments.
      • Perhaps with the ability to unzip
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  • Thanks for all the tips on the frame sheet. Definitely going to try one out and see if it works for me.

    And domoneysong... thanks as well for the picture. Definitely looks like my 17" laptop would fit.

    Length of the Synik 30 vs Brain Bag is my only concern at this time....
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  • G42,

    Again thanks for the additional info. I did the further research and likewise it does look like sub 20" is better suited for my body size.

    I can image the bottom of the Synik30 pack with a 17" laptop inside hitting / resting on the top of my butt not being the...
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  • Thanks G42 for the tips on restock dates for the colorways! Funny that I didn't click through to see it before.

    I was starting to sway towards the SN30 due to the organization but your insightful comment about the length (as I too am 5'4") has me re-accessing my preference. Decisions......
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  • Corbina
    started a topic Brain Bag and Synik30 Questions...

    Brain Bag and Synik30 Questions...

    Hello All,

    My first TB post! I have decided to make my first TB purchase and am now debating between the Brain Bag and Synik 30. Love the storage capabilities of the BB but on the other hand the organization of the Synik30 is something I can't overlook. Still debating about that.
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