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A caution to travelers: apparently the Qliplet looks "very much like handcuffs", according to the security lady who finally discovered it after she had examined every other object in my Western Flyer, as I was leaving Lagos. She pulled it out of the front pocket triumphantly. I had to point out that it was a bit small to go around someone's wrist. After a conference among the security team I was let go.

Darn, there goes my diabolical master plan to take over the plane with my little carabiner!

At least I'll be home soon Smilie
I've read somewhere (maybe on this forum), that someone was told they could be used as brass knuckles. I recently received the new, smaller Qliplet. I find the original a little easier to use. Perhaps I just need to get used to the way the smaller one closes--presently, it requires a lot more fiddling on my part to get it closed.