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    Forum Member nukediver's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
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    New Apple Stuff!

    Ok, so what's everyone's take on the newest offerings from Apple? What are you excited about?

    I can't wait to get the iPhone 6S+, since I'm still using the minuscule 5S. :-)

    I have a good friend who does freelance graphics and art work who is super excited about the iPad Pro and  Pencil.
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    Forum Member DeBru's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
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    I have a 6+ and LOVE it, it's a little big and awkward after a 5S IMHO but I adjusted quickly, the functionality is totally worth any increase in size. I don't really have a use for any of the other offerings at the moment, so I will continue to save for more Bihn bags Smilie

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    Forum Member bchaplin's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
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    I was half-listening to the announcements (surreptitiously) yesterday, and didn't get excited until the very last thing: the new plan for Apple financing. That is actually quite interesting. So far I have bought a new phone every two years. But if someone buys a phone every year, the plan saves them money over the long-term, as far as I can tell. The two twists which make me uncertain if I'll use it:

    1. You have to turn your phone in at the end of the first year in order to get a new one. This means that you are basically renting the phone, and lose either the resale value or the chance to gift it to someone.

    2. The phone is unlocked, which is great. But knowing Verizon, they may not want to activate it, though I suspect the iPhone has identical hardware however it is branded in terms of the cellular provider. (Paradoxically, as I have mentioned before on these forums, the last two Verizon-branded iPhones I have purchased have also been unlocked for overseas use.)

    edit: The details remain unclear though. If there is interest charged, it would obviously change the math.
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