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    We’ve had a Kirby G7 for about 20 years of use, cleaning up cat and dog hair on medium and plush carpet, as well as area rugs and wood floors. We’ve occasionally replaced a belt, a bag, or lightbulb. Nothing else. A Kirby vacuum will outlast mankind.

    Quote Originally Posted by anna2222 View Post
    Kirby has my heart and always will. Bought our first one in 1993 and it is still going strong. It has sucked up more pet hair of all kinds and much more, even used it in shop vac capacity with our woodstove and other household projects.

    We have had 3 minor repairs over almost 25 years of ownership and we live close to the repair shop so it is very easy for us to keep ours going. Best money we ever spent on a vacuum. I bought a couple of Dysons in the past 10 years and while they worked well, they just did not last and they are too expensive to have them break down so soon! The first one was the rechargeable stick vacuum and it only lasted 3 years. While I loved how well it worked, I will never buy another one. I dropped it once and shattered the plastic, had to tape the thing shut and use it that way until it just died. Batteries expensive to replace! I will stick with my Kirby.
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    Yup, if you want a vacuum that your kids will inherit and will work forever, I'd get a Kirby. We bought a used one (1981 vintage) in about 1987 and it's done yeoman's duty ever since. It's solidly constructed, and other than replacing the belt every six or seven years for 2 bucks, it works perfectly. The only real downside is that it's heavy--metal is always going to be heavier than plastic. So I don't use it on the stairs directly, but use the hose and wand that come with it for our carpeted stairs. One caution--I think that the company that makes Kirbys, Scott and Fetzer, was bought out some time ago, so I'm not sure whether today's Kirbys are as robust. One thing that I do know is that the Scott and Fetzer Kirbys had an iron-clad lifetime guarantee. When I was a kid, one of our neighbors had a house fire and lost quite a lot of their stuff, including their Kirby vacuum. They sent the severely damaged remains back to the Kirby main office for a warranty claim and got a brand new Kirby as a replacement.(My parents were seriously jealous...)
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    Talk w a vacuum repair place locally
    They know what lasts .and what breaks and which ones cannot be repaired!!
    Look in consumer report

    We love our upright Meile cat and dog
    Our Ragamuffin has crazy thick fur almost four inches long

    It is worth it
    We gave our first to my daughter and bought another
    She had allergies asthma and a Turkish long haired cat that blows her coat once a yr
    This string vacuum with multiple hepa filters keeps her healthy!
    She kept borrowing ours now she has her own
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    Plus too many others to list

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