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    San Sebastian / Donostia

    Hola (kaixo) fellow TBers,

    I'm planning a surprise trip for my future wife to San Sebastian later this year. We had a baby last year and this will be our first weekend away, child free (good luck grandma!). The plan is to fly London>Bilbao, then get the train/coach along the coast to SS. We'll be staying for 3 nights; Friday>Monday. Both rocking A30s (she doesn't know she's getting one of these yet either). We'll be going in October- which based on my previous experience of Spain at this time of year, will mean the locals will already be wearing their leather boots and jackets.Smilie

    As you're all such a well traveled bunch, i'm hoping you can give me some top tips about the city. Must sees, things to avoid, best bars etc...

    I want the weekend to be pretty special so budget isn't a major issue- it's got some of the best restaurants in the world after all!

    Cheers, Mat

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    My wife and I went there in 2012 for one reason: food.

    If you want to spend a gazillion dollars (but still less than a comparable meal in NYC or Paris) on a Michelin-starred meal, go to Arzak (there are three other big-name restaurants--Akelare, Martin Berastegui, and Mugaritz--but I didn't eat at any of those, so I can't recommend yea or nay).

    For a lot less, wander around the old town and eat tapas and drink txakoli. My wife and I really enjoyed Bar La Cepa and La Cuchara de San Telmo.

    For breakfast, we ate grilled croissants and marmelade at Avenida XXI SA. That was surprisingly one of our favorite meals.

    Finally, if you're up for a road trip, I can't recommend Asador Etxebarri enough.

    If you're going to be in Bilbao for any length of time, check out the restaurant on the top floor of the Guggenheim. When we were there in 2012, it was under the auspices of Berastegui and we had a really tasty and affordable three-course lunch.

    (Check out Spain: On the Road Again and Season 4, Episode 17 of No Reservations for more on some of these restaurants and others.)

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