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    Also this is a good thing to have attached to a cpap specific bag (only with cpap and stuff in it, no other personal items.)
    Shacke Medical Equipment Luggage Tag for Respiratory Devices (Black / Vertical)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredlet View Post
    ... BuiltNY. I love that stuff! Also I use one of their lunch boxes with the shoulder strap to carry my cpap setup when I need it separate from my other gear.
    Great idea. 😊 Before getting my travel machine I used a BuiltNY lunchbox (sans zipper thanks to one of our dogs) to hold my regular machine in my carry-on backpack, which morphed into a SA once I discovered TB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aedifica View Post
    Traveling with a CPAP, one of the bulkiest parts is the hose--there are smaller, more compact CPAPs for travel but hoses have stayed bulky. I recently found one that packs down better, though. I tried it on my last trip and it was good, so I recommend it. The 6 foot Collapsible Travel CPAP Hose is basically a tube of thin plastic (like a thick Ziploc bag) with a coiled wire in it to give it some shape. For packing, it collapses down to a little smaller than a paper towel tube--in fact I put it inside a paper towel tube to give it a little extra protection in my suitcase. It fit nicely at one side of my A45, filling some space at the edge that might not have been used otherwise.
    I still recommend this hose, but now with a caveat: I discovered that while the hose grips some CPAP air outlets the way I'd expect, it slides right off another CPAP air outlet (which seems to be the same size as the others, but a different material). I put a small rubber band around the air outlet and then put the hose back on, and it gripped fine with the rubber band added.

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