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Similar, certainly.

The big advantage of iCloud Keychain is that, obviously, it's well-integrated into your Mac and iPhone.

The big disadvantage is that, IMO, Apple doesn't have an amazing track record on encryption or security. There have been multiple concerns and vulnerabilities with how iMessage encrypts its messages. MacOS's security is just plain bad. iCloud has suffered several high-profile intrusions. And in general, Apple tends to have corporate attention deficit disorder -- they work on something (like iCloud) for one release, then stop updating it.

You also get flat-out more features with 1Password. It can store OTP tokens if you want. It stores credit cards, software licenses, wifi passwords, and more. Just secure notes. You know exactly when the vault is locked and unlocked. You can share vaults with friends. And its "emergency kit" is extremely well-thought-out.

Plus, 1Password is cross-platform.

IMO, the only real advantage iCloud Keychain has is integration with Safari on iOS. Other than that, I think 1Password is the clear winner.
Thanks for the information. I’ll look into the other options and try them out. I’ve been impressed with and happy with iCloud Keychain as I only have my phone and iPad so they sync great and I haven’t had any issues with anything. It’s nice to not need to enter the wifi password on each device when something gets updated. It’s the little things in life, you know.

I don’t store any credit cards or use Apple Pay, but since I access my banking info often I should look into something more secure.