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    Solo Central America Travel Ideas?

    Next spring/summer, the Mrs and I are doing some separate travel. She's going to see a girlfriend on the other side of the planet, while I'm going to do my own thing: reconnect with my solo traveler zen and find a balanced sense of my place in the universe, soul, and being -- which mostly means a day-hike, beer, and nap.

    So we'll probably be based out of Mexico at the time. I'm looking for a high-altitude quaint destination with nature, towns, and ideally a new culture. I'm craving a mountain or high desert town I can spend a few weeks eating, drinking, hiking, talking to new friends, whatever.

    I was thinking about flying to Bogota, La Paz, Quito, or Lima. Then I'd head to smaller or quainter towns after checking out the big city.

    Depending on how long I go, I might work during some of it. So for example, I could make it a 10-day trip with no working at all, or perhaps a 30-day trip with half work, half time off.


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    Honestly, I haven't found a place down there that wasn't fun. Costa Rica and Nicaragua both pretty laid back. Belize is a favorite, we'll probably end up retiring there. All three are perfect for hike/beer/nap.
    Guatemala is one of my favorites - go to Antigua and up to Lake Atitlan (volcanoes, chocolate, rum, ruins). Amazon in northern Peru is fantastic, and of course down to Machu Picchu, if you haven't been. Cuzco is a fantastic town.
    My advice is not to get grandiose ideas about how much you can cover in 10 days, much better to stick to a small area and relax. Just pick one and chill.
    “Order and simplification are the first steps towards mastery of a subject” ― Thomas Mann

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