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    Quote Originally Posted by KathyH View Post
    Yes. Noise cancelling systems are designed to remove sounds below 500 Hz -- which commonly translates to sounds like engine noises and such. Human voice is higher than 500 hz, which is why you can often still hear conversations, although muffled, when wearing noise cancelling headphone/earbuds.

    I just tried a couple of Bose options in my search for first-time premium headphones and earbuds. I mentioned Bose QC35 ii. I also decided to do some testing of the Bose QC35 against the Bose 700. Noise canceling is about hte same but the 700 provides a gradient so you can select your level of noise cancellation. I also tried the QC30 earbuds. They do a great job in restaurants muffling music. Haven't tried them on a plane yet.
    If you can still find them (amazon has them still I think), try Bowers & Wilkins P7W over-ear noise isolating - excellent sound for music and movies and it's rare I can hear anything other than what I want, and it sounds fantastic! (I take about 2 trips / month) Fair warning - don't listen to old music you used to like but haven't heard in awhile as you'll be buying a DAC, amp, and CD quality streaming.

    Update: Crutchfield has them for $250
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