This is an update to my earlier thread:

Because I can't leave well enough alone, here is this year's updated version. The big change is I decided on a bigger bag so that I could contain drinking containers. This bag is also insulated to keep contents cool. Would have liked this to be a Bihn bag, but there are no insulated pouches (hint hint).

This year's version of the picnic kit for 2-img_0804-jpg

The bag is about 7" high and came with a Lock and Lock lunch set years ago. This bag can be used as a small cooler or wine bucket in a pinch, but it is quite small.

When opened, it looks like this (ignore the gardener's foot photobomb):

This year's version of the picnic kit for 2-img_0805-jpg

In the top lid, I have a couple of ziploc bags (for leftovers etc), a Nite ize bottle opener, and hygiene items (wipes, toothpicks).

Here's the contents of the bottom portion:

This year's version of the picnic kit for 2-img_0807-jpg

- 2 small melamine plates that I got at Target
- a coffee can lid that I use as a cutting board
- 2 8-ounce mason jars in neoprene sleeves (so they can be used for hot as well as cold beverages)- I'd had some silicone wine glasses but found they retained odors, and also couldn't be used for hot beverages.
- 2 mini bandanas as napkins
- a Matador Droplet dry bag (this can be used to hold contents if I'm using the bag as a wine bucket or to hold purchased food)
- wine recorker
- swiss army knife with serrated knife
- 2 sets of utensils with additional disposable spoons (never enough spoons)
- salt and pepper shaker
- some Japanese scarf I bought at Epcot - used mostly as a tablecloth but could also be improvised into a small shopping bag to hold things or to wrap up a bottle of wine to absorb condensation
- Matador picnic blanket (the larger one)

If you're not up for customizing your own kit, Oyster Kits has a picnic kit as well.