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    I need a rugged hi-q pen with a touchscreen rubber end

    I received a promo package from a firm that makes promotional pens and mechanical pencils. The pen is unique, in that it acts very similar to an ordinary ballpoint pent the back end does not have a clicker-button to extend or retract the ballpoint at the other end. Instead, the entire back half of the pen clicks to extend/retract the ballpoint. But the back end of the pen has another feature: a rubber cap for tapping use with smartphones/tablets.

    This promo pen is deteriorating. The finish is coming off and the ball mechanism doesn't click right anymore. I'd say this pen's best days are behind it.

    Does anyone sell rugged, high-quality pens like this that offer use as both a clickable writing instrument *and* a rubber tip for tapping on my phone? If so, where should I look? If there was a special name for this type of pen, I could search for that, but I have no idea what the specific name would be.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I know exactly what you're talking about. My company bought some of those pens for tradeshows and I nabbed a few. I think they're called stylus pens.

    I did a quick Google search and saw that Pilot makes their G2 (my favorite pen) with a stylus, for sale on Office Depot/Max. That's a gel pen, though. I just mention it because the G2 is good pen.

    Try searching "stylus pen" and see what you can find for sale. Hopefully, they'll be something you can easily buy and not have to depend on mail order.

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    I ordered this one and have been really enjoying it. It is super light weight, writes very well, and I like the tip much better than the "squishy" rubber tips

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    I have a Zagg stylus ballpoint, I bought it in 2013 and the squishy stylus part is still doing good and the original ballpoint refill still works, it is also a wide pen, akin to the Bic 4 colors Tom uses.

    It is a lifesaver when I want to type or scroll pages on my phone.

    It was one of the first relatively reasonably priced stylus, I found.

    If you don't mind a slimmer pen go with the one showed above, which is a lot cheaper than mine and is also refillable.

    The G2 are also refillable.

    If you need a stylus pen that will be really rugged, I think one with a cap protecting the stylus would be better.

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