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    Travel to Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen Questions

    Our high school plans an international trip every 2 years. My daughter just brought home the first bits of information. They are planning on traveling to Scandinavia, for 8 days/6 nights. We live in central NY, and I believe they typically fly out of JFK. The cost is $4159.00 per person, based on 40 students and includes transportation, airfare, hotel accommodations, breakfast, dinner and sightseeing fees. Students will need spending money for lunch and souvenirs. I have never been to this part of the world and am thinking of going as a chaperone. Iím curious if this a reasonable cost for a trip like this or am I better off planning something on my own, without 40 high school Thanks for any input.

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    It depends on so many factors. How are you traveling between Stockholm, Copenhaven and Oslo? What types of accommodations (hotels, hostels?) what activities are included and the types of meals.

    Then there is the air question. Direct flight on a real airline or a connection on a budget carrier? Does it include transportation to JFK?

    In general, Scandinavia is quite expensive, so hotels and food can be pricey.
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    I taught high school five years, and I teach college now. My husband taught high school choir for 29 years, taking his students on international trips a dozen times. I lead these school trips twice, and I accompanied him on his school trips twice.

    Based on that experience, I can tell you $4000 is slightly higher than average for this kind of trip, but Scandanavia is more expensive than most other places. So, this trip seems like a good price and a good experience for your kid.

    But if you're interested in traveling as a family, school trips are awful. The trips require rigid discipline -- they need students to act the way they do in school. Of course! They need parents/chaperones to follow rules and schedules, and treat the kids with firmness.

    In my experience, parent chaperones on these trips either have a terrible time (being disciplinarians to their kid's friends) or they are a burden to the faculty who run the trip (because they act like independent adults, which is contrary to the needs of the trips).

    FTR, these trips are WORK for the faculty who lead them. Traveling with high schoolers is extremely stressful and fulfilling and important and meaningful. My husband took hundreds of kids on their first ever airplanes trip, often the only time those kids might ever leave the U.S. in their lives. it's a huge responsibility, and a tremendous privilege. But it's hard work with other people's children.

    If you want your kid to travel without you, school trips are AWESOME. if you want to travel with your kid, go as a family without the school unless you are prepared to act like a teacher and be on the clock for the whole your trip.

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