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Thread: Podcasts?

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    Apr 2019
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    Reply All, a show that tells wonderfully interesting stories very well. Often reveals interesting things that you may not have thought about before, but then notice many connections to. Pitched originally as a show about 'the internet', but really more a show about just life. Delightful, thoughtful, meaningful stories.

    WTF with Marc Maron, fascinating longform interviews, often with recognizable comedian/actors.
    (If you want REALLY long interviews, I also recommend Joe Rogan's podcast, and Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert. They are all really good.)

    Been loving Conan O'Brien's podcast, Conan Needs a Friend. Really funny, really sweet. Lots of recognizable guests and even though these are much shorter than the aforementioned, they're still much longer than a usual talk show interview and I love them. The Colbert and Michelle Obama episodes are particularly swell.

    Quirky but surprisingly insightful, try 'Everything is Alive.' It's interviews with inanimate objects. Ever wonder what it's like to be a can of soda or a tooth or a jack o'lantern? Short and delightful episodes.

    +1 for Judge John Hodgman, which features friends, family, and couples bring an often-small-seeming matter to "internet court." It's just plain fun and, yeah, surprisingly profound at times.

    Boom Time with Flula Borg is another delight. Truly hilarious time spent with a goofy German fellow.

    Oh, and it's more of a 'mowing the lawn, what to listen to?' one for me, but I like Savage Lovecast from time to time.

    If you like a little more trippiness with your silliness, try the Duncan Trussell Family Hour. Really really good interviews as well. And if you like history, try History on Fire - the host is great, his accent is great, and his name is fun to say.

    On more serious notes:

    Stay Tuned with Preet Bharara is wonderful. He addresses lots of current issues in justice (lots on the Mueller report) and interviews extremely interesting people each week. A must-listen for me.

    The fivethirtyeight podcast has been enjoyable - if you like their site you'll like the podcast.

    Why is this Happening with Chris Hayes is also pretty good.

    The Daily by the New York Times, 20-30 min. narratives based on current events. Super insightful on complex topics. A good, er, daily, listen

    And finally, for more "complete" series, yeah, Serial season 1 was classic, S-Town is even better, and Slow Burn is really good. StartUp has lots of good stuff as well.

    woof! there's SO much good stuff out there!
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    ^ Reply All is a delight. Even the Yes Yes No episodes that are mostly about tweets (have not listened to all of the episodes so unsure if the rest is taken from other sources) are very interesting to listen to. PJ and Alex really have a (radio?) chemistry.

    I also like Science Vs and Heavyweight, both from Gimlet. I've cried a few times over the latter, I make sure not to be the one driving when I play an episode.

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