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    You guys all should look at what this scientist/climatologist has to say and writing.
    The best are his 15 minutes YouTube videos. Worth your time.
    If this is all true what's coming we should have no children and probably the tipping point is already passed.
    At this stage is no more matter what we/you do because it's too late.
    ...also in most of the parts of the world there are insect apocalypse. The numbers of species declining of 80% or more. Many people reporting on different forums of no insects or very limited number of them. An ongoing ecological collapse followed by collapse of our current civilization. Overpopulation, hunger because failing of the crops and disruption of the trade. Then the global dimming effects will be gone and after BOE (Blue Ocean Event) kicks in its going to be a fast drive down the slope.
    Believe it or not. I am only feel lucky. First time. I am not young anymore. Probably won't live long enough to face the worst.
    We are living in the new epoh called anthropocene where the sixth Extinction of life is happening before our own eyes.
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    @Petros.Kyrillos -- these terrible facts are what we hear. I've heard something else too: that we don't need to have hope, we need to have courage. No grownups are going to do the right thing -- we're the grownups and the politicians are busy fighting amongst themselves. But not all of them, not at every level. We need to be the heroes. We need to speak up, and act however, wherever, whenever we can.

    I find it hard to look at videos like that though, I just get overwhelmed with grief. My kids can't even watch the new Our Planet series on Netflix.

    Today I will be going to support my daughter and her friends at the climate strike in the town square. I baked cookies. Then I'm going to write a draft of my response to the county climate strategy. I guess I'll try to figure it out, I don't feel like a hero, but the consequences of inaction are so huge.

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