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    1. What bag/accessories are you carrying (items + colors, pics always welcome)?
    Side Effect (Burnt Orange/UV or Original Halcyon/UV...hoping to get an Auburgine/Island next) w/ a wrist strap---My PLO during the week & my most-used, most versatile bag
    DLBP (Original Halcyon)---My work bag (SE tucked inside)
    Swifts (Verde/UV & Original Halcyon/UV)---both contain large knitting projects

    2. What are you reading?
    Strategic Doing

    3. What are you playing or watching (movies, theatre, video games, etc.)?
    Schitt's Creek

    4. What are you listening to?
    Crickets and other night bugs

    5. What are you cooking/baking/drinking?
    Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon

    6. What are you making/creating/doing?
    A shetland wool pullover, a merino wool poncho, various woolen socks, scrappy sock blanket...basically all the knitted things

    7. Where have you gone lately? -or- What travel destinations are on the horizon for you?
    Folly Beach, SC---just got back
    Upland, IN---visiting our baby in college tomorrow (sob)...said baby just bought himself an S25 (Black Ballistic/Island) for his college pack! First TB purchase for him.

    Bonus #1. What is your favorite UNESCO World Heritage Site?
    The Great Smoky Mountains---I love the endless green and smoky mist DeciduousConiferousDeciduousConiferous
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    Current Carry: Swift (Verde/UV), SK (Steel/Iberian) & SSC (Sitka)

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