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    Forum Member haraya's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
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    This thread is a great resource for those of us with wide feet! I will check out some of those mentioned above.

    I will say - one brand that hasn't worked out for me is La Sportiva (trail runners). I have wide flat feet and a toe that was broken a few years ago. They are ok for short errands but the toe boxes are not wide enough (for me) for extended walking periods.

    Funnily enough, I forgot hiking shoes on a trip earlier this year and the friends we were staying with handed me their teenager's outgrown hiking boots (barely worn, as they did not meet her style standards). They are Hi-Tec Altitude Lite boots and I wore them everywhere for our 3.5-week trip. They are the most comfortable shoes I own right now. Don't know if they are 'lightweight' enough for your purposes - I just wore them on the plane instead of packing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocks View Post
    I just got a pair of Altra Timp trail runners and they have great support and a wide toe-box.
    Iíve been wearing these also. Nice big toe box like keens, but light weight trail runners.

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    Thanks for all the recommendations! I’m not in a hurry, so hopefully I won’t have to settle. If all else fails I will simply wear the ones I already have on the plane, but I would prefer to have a more lightweight option in any case.

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