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    Quote Originally Posted by operator View Post
    If you are going to spend those prices, I'd rather you go and them out before buying. Just find like 30 minutes and stroll to your nearest Best Buy. I find that the BOSE earcups are bigger - at least compared to the SONYs. And I like that. The QC35s are a bit behind on the tech, but their new NC700 have updated tech specs but I'm not sure about the look. I think either way, you can't really go wrong with either in terms of NC but fit is very important to me because sometimes I have 5-6 hour flights and for the entire flight, 99% of the time I'm using my NC headphones.
    I'd go a step further. Try them in the store and narrow your choices down to your top 2 (or 3). Remember the store headphones are optimized for the best sound. Once you have a few you like, then buy several brands. Try them each for a week each for sound quality, comfort, noise cancelling, etc. I spent a week carrying two headphones and would wear one for a while, and then switch it for the other for real world tests.

    Doing a test like this makes a big difference. For me, the Sony sound edged out Bose but the Bose definitely won out in terms of noise cancelling and comfort.

    I ended up buying Bose 700 headphones (for office and travel) and Bose QC30 earbuds for commuting and used this method for both types.
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    i would still have my QC30s if my bag wasn't stolen! this round about, i'm using the sonys just because i never had them before. for the purpose of NC, they are fine and the sound is pretty good in my opinion, but the earcup is a tad smaller compared to the bose.
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