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    Quote Originally Posted by northerngypsy View Post
    When I was traveling for work (le sigh), I was often traveling carry-on only, and had to be really warm (like, rural Northwest Alaska warm) but semi-profesh-looking and I discovered that I LOVE LOVE the Kuhl brand Flight Vest. I got a couple new on sale, a couple secondhand, and now I probably own them in almost every color! I love all of the pockets for when I'm in the airport, and they are THE COZIEST over a black crewneck or turtleneck merino long-sleever. I could wear one vest and bring another color (I'm often seeing the same group of people every day, so I like to have a little variety), and the long-sleevers pack up so small! It was variations on a theme (blue or black boot-cut jeans with merino leggings under, black long-sleever, vest) that made me easier to pick out in a crowd if someone needed to pull me aside for a chat.
    I feel the same about their Thermik jeans. Very warm, nice fit, great for traveling, and if you need to look professional, just pick a nice sweater and voila! Both my husband and I love their pants.

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    Still a one-bag subscriber, so my trusty WF is commuting to local coffee shops and weekend staycations rather than into the office or cross country jaunts.

    Most of my travel-specific clothing had some sort of compromise for comfort or ruggedness. I can't justify wearing out expensive wool socks in Florida when my washing machine is 10ft from my "office", and the Airsim undergarments are just not as comfortable as cotton.

    They'll be fresh and ready when I start travelling again!

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