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    V4 Face Mask Review

    My apologies for taking so long to write up a review on the V4 masks that I received in the recent give-away - thank you!

    Full disclosure: These are the first actual TB face masks I’ve tried out. Ever since the pandemic began, I’ve been making masks for friends and family, tweaking umpteen different patterns and styles. Seriously, I’ve probably made close to 250 masks, using 25+ different patterns in the quest for “the perfect mask”. The masks I make have changed and evolved as the months passed by, but lately I had settled on mostly using the TB V1 pattern, and making some with the integrated neck lanyard, just like the V4. My deepest thanks to Tom Bihn for providing the patterns and instructions for their masks. I love them so much that I very recently began making and selling these in my busy little Etsy shop.

    My initial thought when I received the V4 was, wow, this flannel is sooo soft and cozy. I work with flannel all the time making kids flannel napkins, but the fabric used in these masks seems special. It washes beautifully (I hand wash my masks), and is so soft on your face. Both the dusty blue and black colors are really nice, but I will say that the black is harder to keep from showing lint. While they don’t seem to be overly warm like you might think, I also don’t think I’d choose these when the temps are 80 and above.

    I don’t often leave my house these days, but I was able to give one of these masks a good work out one cool day when my husband and I found ourselves in need of dust protection when sweeping up a lot of loose insulation outside during a home improvement project. Since we can’t get N95’s anywhere, I decided flannel might protect me more than plain cotton. Worked like a champ! I’m quite surprised that I seem to prefer the med/lg size over the sm/med., especially if I am going to do any talking, and I also noticed that on my face the chin protrudes outward a bit awkwardly with the smaller size. I'm female, have an average sized face. As I mentioned in an earlier post, if you have a mask that seems too big for you, you can choose to wear it “inside out” and keep the nose section folded down, and not pulled up.

    The attached neck lanyard is truly brilliant. I love everything about it, except I think it could be just a tad longer, especially on the sm/med which has a shorter length of cording. On the masks that I make, my stretchy cording is a few inches longer than the ones from TB.

    Thanks again to the great folks at Tom Bihn for providing me with these masks to review. 
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