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    Lightbulb Ice for coolers and other purposes

    With tropical storm Issac bearing down on the Tampa Bay area, we stocked up on added water.
    Fortunately the track appears to be further west than thought. However, we aren't out of the woods yet.
    I wanted to offer the following tip.
    I always take four gallon waters and freeze them. In addition, I also freeze a few of the individual waters.
    The gallon sizes make an excellent ice source to keep items cool in a cooler. They last quite long time compared to bagged ice.
    If you need smaller pieces, use an ice pick to break it apart and then use a box cutter to cut the plastic to remove the chunks.
    Also, I use empty 1 liter soda bottles and quart milk containers in the same way.

    The same technique can be used for other purposes such as picnics, camping, etc.
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    BPrichard when I lived in SC we used to fill washing machines and bath tubs in case we lost water. Make sure you have a way to boil it without using electricity and you can be set for days. If not boiling some kind of filtering (Berkey or Sawyer are my favorites) and you're good to go.
    Stay safe
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    We also have a couple of gallon milk jugs and a couple of 2-liter bottles all frozen for use when camping or day-tripping, or "charging" a cooler for use (pre-cooling a cooler before loading it up).

    Stay safe down there!

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