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    Packing nightmares

    Does anyone else ever have packing nightmares? Last night i spent most of the night dreaming that i was packing to go somewhere. I seemed to have endless amounts of clothing to pack and none of it would fold properly. Worst of all...? I didn't have a single Tom Bihn bag or packing cube or pouch or keystrap!!! Aaaaagh! A true nightmare. (Wait... Perhaps it was just a memory of my pre TB days. Either that or i have become a true packing geek.)

    I guess I'd better do a test pack for Arizona today.

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    I'm just too laid back for nightmares. My problem is always leaving doing it till the last minute which gives my wife nightmares!

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    Most pre-Tom Bihn travel bags have been repurposed as grocery shopping or paperwork wrangling bags.

    The exception being the two monsters: one duffel with the capacity of 2 Aeronautes and a Tristar, I might even fit a Brain Bag there as well, and an expensive, heavy (even empty) and unwieldy under every circumstance, huge garment bag.

    I spent the months of preparation for our last trip busy planning TB lightweight bags and accessories purchases, bother fellow TB forum members so they would share all their light travel packing secrets and... most important, adjust our wardrobes requirements.

    Well, I was still at it the day before leaving.

    Then, the husband unit announced that he wanted to take 3 pairs of shoes.

    I produced the 2 monster which were deemed too big and finally agreed on the lightest repurposed travel to shopping bag.

    I stuffed the darned shoes in there
    At the airport, I put him in charge of checking the shoe bag.

    Getting on the plane with a new bag configuration was a workout (I usually use a Brain Bag/LCB combo), I didn't know which bag I should use as a backpack and which I should wear cross shoulders.

    Without much forethought, I tried to secure the Absolute Strap to the Synapse without success, so our first domestic leg was very much a wrestling match between myself and my beautiful Tom Bihn bags.

    During our layovers, the husband unit was assigned every checking of the shoe bag and the carrying of my much bigger Aeronaut while I was be holding the thinner Tristar. (The weight of both was 6/7 kg)

    His computer bag was very very heavy because of the content and my Aeronaut is a bit wider than the Tristar so he was a bit of a pack mule.

    I settled on carrying the Synapse backpack style and the Tristar in a north/south manner when in line, or by the grab handles while traipsing between checkpoints (check bag counter/ security/ custom and gate check)

    I was wondering how the Tristar would fare as a east/west grab handle carry on because using that same method with other bags has always resulted with bags being dragged on the floor.

    The Tristar was surprising in the sense that its streamlined design prevented it from bumping in my leg, and it was lightweight and compact enough that I could switch hand really easily.
    The fact that the handles did not dig into my hands was a big help, I suppose.

    I have appropriated the Tristar as a reward for putting up with the "the shoes check in bag" which, ended up being really useful to bring extra stuff.

    As a bonus, my Nordic Tom Bihn ensemble has received many many compliments, so much so that my Aeronaute has been reassigned as a summer wardrobe holder.

    I checked it once and the unique look of Nordic makes it too tempting for the carousel.

    Thanks to Lani, Frank II, Eric and all the members of the forums who posted minimalist packing lists and answered my questions, I have become a minimalist packer who does daily sink laundry and garment refreshing with the steam from the shower.

    I still look like a relative of Mr Bean, Inpector Clouseau and Mr Hulot, no matter what!

    In my dreams, I look as cool as all the people in the forums pictures and all the Tom Bihn Crew!

    Drat! I edited for spelling and Eric like disappeared.
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    Ha, ha. This is a recurring dream with me. It always starts with me taking some bizarre and totally unexpected trip with my coworkers. In one, I am late to the airport and running (up a hill) with a ginormous suitcase. Or, in the last dream, I stepped off the van we were taking and was left, stranded, with all my luggage, in a rough neighborhood.

    I do travel for work, and I have been late to the airport (once), but otherwise it's all the imaginings of my subconscious mind.

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    The majority of my nightmares involve packing, getting to the airport, talking snakes, and/or not being prepared for a lecture. The lecture nightmares have replaced not being prepared to take an exam nightmares.

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    None here. I plan so far in advance. & really it would be easy for me last min as I don't have many clothes.

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