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    Searching for the perfect lunch box...

    Obviously, this is a rather subjective task, but people on here always seem to have good gear suggestions. I'm searching for a lunch box that:
    • is big enough for a substantial salad (at least 32 ounces)
    • made from non-toxic materials - i.e. not plastic, even the BPA-free plastics make me feel a little icky
    • relatively lightweight (I use 2 cup glass containers now which aren't big enough but are already pretty heavy - I'll most likely keep using them for food that I'll be reheating though)
    • doesn't need to be microwave safe (will be using for food I don't need to reheat)
    • good sealing lids (not necessarily leak-proof, but close)
    • can fit in the bottom pocket of my Synapse 25
    • as a bonus - can fit in one of the front side pockets of the Pilot I've been hoping to justify buying soon
    • another bonus - if it has removable dividers to allow for packing multi-part lunches (but note: removable, so that I can use the whole container for a big salad when needed)

    My material constraints are pointing me towards stainless steel. My most promising option right now seems to be one of these Steeltainer options: Steeltainer Leak-proof Stainless Steel DEEP Full Size Container (White): Kitchen & Dining (40 ounces, 7.25" x 5" x 3.25") Steeltainer Leak-proof Stainless Steel FAMILY Size Food Container 60 Ounces (White): Kitchen & Dining (60 ounces, 10.25" x 7.5" x 2.75"). Not so sure that the first would fit in the Pilot front pocket or that the second would fit in the bottom pocket of the Synapse (edit: just took a ruler to the bottom pocket of my Synapse, and the second container most likely wouldn't fit or would be a real squeeze - looks like maximum size would be something like 11" x 6.5" x 3.5").

    So does anyone have any suggestions? Could be willing to bend on some of my requirements if someone has a strong recommendation...
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    LunchBots has recently added an "adult size" container to their line. I have not had experience with the new size, but I know the regular size fits easily in the pockets in many TB bags. Explore the options at LunchBots Stainless Steel Food Containers | Bento Boxes | Lunch Containers. I use Bento Bands as added insurance when I am really concerned about the possibility of the lid popping off. Although I have not had a problem even when I don't use a band. 3 pc Bento Box Lunch Box Strap Belt: Kitchen & Dining

    Also, I have used silicone muffin cups to subdivide my single compartment container when I have wanted a bit of separation for my different food items.
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    There's a nice selection of stainless steel lunch containers at Lunch Boxes and Accessories | Life Without Plastic Boutique. I've tried the "airtight watertight" containers and have been happy with them. They are pretty lightweight.

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