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    They look really cool, and the following description is not quite bad enough to keep me from purchasing, but nearly:

    "A portion of the proceeds from this bottle sold will go back towards WaterAid"

    my goodness that's bad English usage.

    I am all for colloquial speech, but to go back towards something stretches the boundaries too far!

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    Jul 2014
    2,233 I want one. Or two. And then more as gifts. I just bought some shop bags and organizer pouches as gifts. A wine bottle size of one these would be a wonderful companion.

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    Seriously people - this place needs to come with a warning (for your wallet) label!!!! I could not live life without my hyrdoflasks (multiple) but they may need a diverse friend.

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    There is another thing besides having great looks... they have an awesome customer service!

    I had problems making the payment on their site, emailed then and Charlie Donnelly, Customer Engagement Coordinator, worked with me through out various options until we accomplished the order.

    Maybe sometime in the future, TB may consider adding their bottles to the accessories page.

    I would love to have a couple of those with TB motto and would give me endorsement of meeting TB strict quality standards!
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    So much to catch up!

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    Received mine in the mail today...holy stunning! The website doesn't do them justice.
    A45, A30, L/M/S CB, SE, Shop Bags, multiple pouches and stuff sacks, and, most importantly....HJ (on it's way!!!!!)

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    Bought two of them. First one bought Oct 1 has stopped holding the heat. Cold coffee in 1.5 hours. Asked for replacement and was asked if I dropped it or put in dishwasher or heated it in an appliance (?!). Really stupid. No I am not stupid, I hand wash and baby it. BAD performance and nasty customer service= bad buy. read this review also: she reports same issue I had with this bottle: it works at first then not.

    S’well bottles: a hit or miss on quality? | reKalibrate

    Caveat emptor.

    good thing I found out before I bought more than two of them. thought they would be good holidays gifts but nooooooo way now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vivelly View Post
    I came across them in a shop here in Auckland..I like the looks, but not the feel of them. They felt like wrapped in fine sandpaper...I dont know if they are all like that, but I didnt like them.
    That's from the Stone category. I have a 17oz.(500mL) in Citrine(orange).

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