I got an email about Patagonia's Worn Wear Tour the other day. With all the talk about clearing out closets and living more simply, it seems like there could be some interest in this type of event among people here. I know there are forum members living within striking distance of some of these cities. I can't go to the one closest to me, unfortunately, or my down jacket would be heading in for some TLC - it's a simple fix but I'm too nervous to try it on my own. I can't in good conscience send it in as a warranty repair because I did the damage.

While Patagonia isn't as personal as TB, my experience with their service and warranty has always been good. I've returned things to them for repair and I appreciate that they repair instead of simply replacing an item (I'm sure it depends on the item and the problem, but I've had two very neat repairs done by them on discontinued items and it's nice to know that I will get my gear back, not a gift card or a "comparable" item).