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    Lightbulb Any experience with A30 in WOWair?

    Hi everyone! I'm traveling from DC to Iceland on WOWair on September 13-20th. I'm a chronic overpacker so I decided to purchase the A30 in the hopes that I would pack less and avoid checking in a bag.

    Do any of you have experience flying with WOWair or a similar European airline that has severe weight limits (5kg or 11lbs) I'm just trying to figure out if they're strict and weigh every single bag (just in case I end up over-packing).

    Many thanks!
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    I will be flying WOW in 2016 and from everything I've read, they weigh everyone's bags. I think they're pretty strict about it, since charging for extra luggage allowances is one of the ways they can profit despite having such low base fares.

    Having a small-ish carry-on like the Aeronaut 30 will be helpful in terms of packing less, but make no mistake: you can totally cram 25+ pounds worth of stuff in that bag. In addition, the bag itself weighs nearly 3 pounds, so really, you're looking at 7-8 pounds of stuff.

    It can be quite difficult in general to pack under such tight weight restrictions. WOW will let you pay a small fee to have a 26-pound carry-on with you in the cabin, which could alleviate some stress; if you're determined to have a go at getting your bag below 11 pounds, I would suggest investing in a luggage scale, doing some serious test packing, planning to wear all your heaviest items onto the plane, and possibly investing in some lightweight/compressible travel clothing (merino, synthetic down, etc.). If you post your packing list here, I am sure that people will be happy to suggest ways to pare down your list.

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    If you're seriously trying to get all your stuff for a trip into 5 kg (which I do sometimes) my experience is that you can't afford the weight of an A30. An SA weighs less if you have one. I have an Eagle Creek bag (a digihauler) which weighs less than 1 lb that I reserve for these cases; it's nowhere near as well built or as satisfying to use as a piece of TB gear, but with a weight limit like that every ounce really does count.

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    Thanks Badger & Abby!

    I suspected as much. I may end up purchasing an extra carry-on allowance of 7kg, so I'll keep that in mind. I think a total of 26.5 lbs should be more than enough carry-on allowance. I had planned on wearing my heaviest items, but even then, I'm afraid I'll have too many things (I get cold very easily so layers are a must).

    My packing list is as follows:
    - 1 pair of hiking shoes
    - 1 pair of flyknit sneakers
    - 1 water-resistant coat (kinda bulky-yet packable, but not as heavy as the wool coat)
    - 2 baselayers
    - 3 athletic pants/leggings
    - 4 athletic tops
    - 2 half-zip athletic jackets
    - 7 pairs of undergarments
    - 1 swim suit
    - 1 small first aid kit
    - 1 phone charger / power bank
    - 3 memory cards
    - 1 eaglecreek 2-in-1 backpack (ultralight for day hikes)
    - 1 totes micro umbrella

    Items I'll we wearing:
    - 1 pair of boots
    - 1 pair of jeans
    - 1 wool coat (heavy, hope they will allow me to carry it into the plane on my arm)
    - 1 pair of gloves (stashed inside wool coat)
    - 1 scarf
    - 1 knit Sweater
    - 1 baselayer
    - 1 set of undergarments
    - 1 small crossbody purse (that I may end up putting in my A30)

    I think this is it, but if I think of anything else, I'll edit my post

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    I would agree with Abby. I don't have an A30, but I have a bag of similar size/weight that I've used a lot, and I've never been able to get thethat far. In my experience, if I want a bag that light, it has to be a backpack (less weight than a convertible travel bag). Now granted, I am a large person with big feet and heavy shoes, but I don't think I'd be able to pack just 11 lbs in anything larger than an S25 or heavier than 2 lbs. If I edited toiletries down a lot, used Eagle Creek specter cubes, was careful about my clothing choices, wore my heaviest stuff (and extra layers), and didn't bring a lot of electronics, I think I could do it in an S25.

    I would weigh everything on the way in - not just waiting until the end to weigh the bag. For the stuff I usually travel with, this is how much each component weighs:

    - 1 packing cube of clothes, 2 lbs 8 oz (typical weight without jeans - about 7 garments, for me)
    - toiletries, 1 lb 8 oz
    - travel pillow, 1 lb 8 oz
    - underwear/socks, 1 lb 8 oz (I tend to overpack these things)
    - shoes, 1.5-2 lbs, depending on the pair
    - makeup, 12 oz
    - ipad mini, 14.5 oz
    - case with other small electronics and chargers (sleep headphones, ipod nano, aux battery, chargers): 12 oz
    (not included: purse stuff)

    As you can see, all this stuff would be over the weight limit even without the bag, but if I took out the shoes and travel pillow and edited down the other stuff, it would probably work, barely.

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    I would just consider the weight limit to be 26 pounds and factor the fee into the price of the ticket. With discount airlines I think most people purchase a few amenities to make the experience a good one. After all, it is your vacation.
    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
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    I'm going to guess you're a lady. So i don't know how you justify what you pack, but for me (a bloke) i wouldn't take half those clothes.

    One pair shoes (wearing them) is more than enough for a 1 week trip. I wouldn't think you need boots, hiking shoes and sneakers. Just take the hiking shoes (wear them) or the boots. I personalyl wear my work boots on trips. They are black leather boots similar to doc martins. Comfortable to walk in all day, and if i polish them up look smart/casual and also if needed can pass with a business suit.

    Pants, wear one, carry a second pair in bag. Wear 1 pants for 2 days, second pants for 2 days, and do a load of washing mid week. Same for shirts and underwear. Wear one set, carry 2 sets. The base layers will soak up the sweat etc and leave your top clothes relatively fresh anyway. Its cold as well, so all people will see is the jacket you're wearing, no one will see that you've been wearing the same shirt for three days. Besides, who cares what other people think? so regular hand washing of the base layers and undies every night is easy in the bathroom sink and minimises what you carry.

    I travel for 28 days at a time, and if i was going to a cold place here's what i carry;

    2 Jeans - 1 wearing 1 packed.
    3 shirts - 1 wearing 2 packed.
    3 sets of underwear (wear drifit boxer briefs and sweat shirt)- 1 wearing, 2 packed
    1 nylon sports zip jacket - packed
    1 hoodie - wearing
    1 goretex jacket shell -packed
    2 thermal underwear (pants and top) - packed
    1 - travel towel - packed
    1 - sleeping bag liner - packed
    1 - travel cigar humidor - packed

    First aid kit with lots of meds - packed
    tablet computer (windows surface) - packed
    Electric accessories (adapters etc) - packed
    iphone - carrying

    Toothbrush, small toothpaste, shaving razor.

    My routine is wash underwear (briefs and sweatshirt) every night, thermals i wear for 2 days and pants generally a week. My top t-shirts i will wear fro two days, and if laundry services are available i'll get them laundered otherwise i'll wash them by hand as well. If you wash, and wring out in a towel (this is what the travel towel is for) then they are dry by the morning.

    If i'm going to a warm place then the three jackets comes out and board shorts and rashie go in. Nothing else changes.
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