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    IN love with Burnot Orange Aeronaut 45

    We recently spent two weeks in Kyoto. I traveled with my Aeronaut 45 and Pilot. I had no trouble fitting the Aeronaut into the overheads (we were on Embraer 190s and Boeing 777s). Ground crews who helped guide us to connecting flights were surprised that we had no checked baggage (that's all you have?), but it made it easy to get through customs without having to retrieve baggage first. Burnt Orange is an amazing color! When I was trying to decide what color Aeronaut to buy, I ordered a bunch of pouches and my mini Q-kit came in Burnt Orange: I could see that it's an amazing rich, burnished color, and decided that it would work with a large bag like the Aeronaut 45.

    I took the Pilot as a bag for books and electronics (13 inch MacBook Air; two iPads; Kindle; various cables, headphones, adapters, etc.) that I wanted readily available for the flight without having to retrieve from the overhead bins. The Aeronaut had everything else. I might have overpacked, but given how hot and humid Kyoto was, it was nice having multiple changes of clothing without having to worry about washing all the time.

    In one side compartment:
    - Teva sandals
    - Cross-trainers

    In other side compartment:
    - Laundry stuff sack with underwear
    - Travel tray
    - Liquids in ziploc bag
    - 3-D clear organizer cube with medicines, vitamins, toothbrush, band-aids

    In center compartment:

    - Packing cube backpack with:
    -- 3 pairs of pants
    -- Pajama pants
    -- 2 long-sleeve shirts
    -- 2 short-sleeved tops
    -- 1 soft jacket

    - Small packing cube with:
    -- 3 tee shirts
    -- 8 pairs of low-cut socks

    - Small packing cube with:
    -- bathing suit
    -- running shorts
    -- sports bra
    -- regular bra

    Also in the center compartment: hat; a pair of small binoculars; and a medium pouch with iPod nano, heartrate monitor, etc.

    I used the packing cube backpack as a day pack each day. Great for carrying all kinds of stuff - binoculars, guidebook, umbrella, souvenirs. I used the bottom pocket to hold water bottles (to separate them from everything else and also for easy access).
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    Owner of Burnt Orange/Steel Daylight Briefcase , Burnt Orange/Steel Aeronaut 45, Black Dyneema/Wasabi Pilot, Crimson/Steel Western Flyer, Forest/Steel Zephyr, Olive/Cayenne Ristretto for iPad, Olive/Cork/Steel and Cardinal/Hemp/Steel Imago, Plum/Wasabi Side Effect, Nordic/Ultraviolet, Linen/Steel and Conifer/Steel SCB, Steel Breve, Plum/Black Swift, Steel FJN, and various packing cubes, organizer pouches, caches, and other odds and ends.

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    I am falling for the burnt orange myself. All my other Tom Bihn items are dyneema and I am waiting for a black dyneema A30 but seeing the burnt orange I am tempted, sorely tempted.

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    Any pictures of the Burnt Orange? I have a Verde S25 and am thinking I should make the A45 I intend on buying match but am open to suggestions. Plus now I'm thinking of a DLBP, too. Caught a bit of a bug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhnmason View Post
    Any pictures of the Burnt Orange? I have a Verde S25 and am thinking I should make the A45 I intend on buying match but am open to suggestions. Plus now I'm thinking of a DLBP, too. Caught a bit of a bug. Check out ceepee's photo in post #470...her BO and Verde bags with Ilkyway's Aubergine bags. I have BO and Verde Side Effects so don't use them together, but the colors are definitely complimentary.

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    Also, this post was the one that helped me decide between BO and Verde for a Smart Alec (which I still don't have but I'm close to offloading enough other stuff to justify it).

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