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    Three weeks in Asia (business casual and vacation)

    I just got back from three weeks in Asia and thought I'd post my packing list. Packing was something of a challenge for this trip because I needed to dress for business and vacation. I was in Hong Kong, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Tokyo, and Kyoto.

    I wipe the following on the plane: skinny jeans, merino t-shirt, thick wrap seater, thick socks, booties. I'll also note for reference that I'm plus-size, so my clothes aren't dainty. Here's what I brought:

    A45 w/ four end pocket cubes stacked book style in the main compartment.

    - Black Blazer, swimsuit, and small cafe bag (flat on the bottom)
    - 2 pairs ponte black pants
    - 1 black skirt
    - 1 dress
    - 3 cardigans (black, orange, blue)
    - 2 merino long sleeve shirts (black, teal; for layering) (only wore one of these)
    - 2 cotton t-shirts (black, grey)
    - 3 patterned blouses (only wore two of these)
    - 1 patterned merino sweater
    - 1 pair shorts (could have omitted these and just worn leggings)
    - 3 workout shirts
    - 2 pair leggings (for working out)

    In a laundry stuff sack:
    - 4 pair underwear, 1 bra, 4 pair low socks, 1 pair thick socks, 2 sports bras, 2 pair black tights

    In a clear quarter packing cube (in one end pocket):
    - Makeup in one side
    - Soap, face and hand moisturizer, laundry soap, toothpaste, night moisturizer in the other side

    Other end pocket:
    - Black flats
    - Black lightweight Nike sneakers

    I also had a Pilot, which held:
    - Bose noise canceling headphones
    - two 3D organizer cubes (cords in one cube, medications in the other cube)
    - Kindle, iPad
    - Wallet, passport, etc

    Here's a photo of the bag, albeit on my last day in Japan.

    Three weeks in Asia (business casual and vacation)-img_1361-jpg

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    Three weeks in Asia (business casual and vacation)

    Have we all agreed that four end pocket cubes stacked book style is the ONLY way to pack an A45? It really works. Sounds like a great trip.

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    Your trip included some of my favorite places in Asia. What a great itinerary!

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