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    Synapse 19 as Diaper Bag/ EDC

    I have been debating over which TB bag to go with to use as a combination diaper bag and every day carry. Specifically I was debating between an S19 and an S25 because I wanted to go with a backpack style bag to keep my hands free for baby. I had the opportunity to test pack a fellow Bihn lover's S19 to see how it would work for me. I thought I would share how it ended up packing out for me so that anyone else considering this bag as a diaper bag/EDC can evaluate if it would work for them.

    First of all I would like to note that I am a new mom, and currently pack my diaper bag with probably way more than is needed. But I like to go by the thought process of being prepared for almost any situation that arises. So my packing list and needs might be more than other people's needs for this purpose. I also think it is important to mention that going into this challenge I was convinced that the S25 would be the right size because the S19 couldn't possibly fit everything I wanted to shove into it. (I have been using a very large Obersee bag currently, which supposedly has something like a 30 liter capacity. So in my mind going down to a 19 liter capacity was virtually impossible.)

    So here's the verdict. My stuff fit. All of it. As I was packing it into the bag it almost seemed like I was performing a disappearing magic trick with the items I was tucking away into the various pockets throughout the bag.

    There were some very obvious pros, as well as some things that I wished were a little different. Here are my thoughts:

    1. Thoughtful design. As you fill the pockets of the bag, they don't encroach on the space of the other pockets. In my current non-TB backpack, if I stuff one pocket full of items I find that the pocket adjacent to it becomes reduced in capacity by a significant amount. It makes putting things into the bag and getting them out of the bag very difficult. On the S19 this is not the case. A full pocket does not in any way affect the capacity of another pocket, nor does it deform the other pockets. Also the contrasting bright fabric on the interior made it very easy to see what was in the bag. (My current bag has a black interior with no lining, and it is hard to see things in it.)
    2. Organization. Everything I packed had it's place in the bag, which makes it very easy to quickly locate the item that you need.
    3. O-Rings. I have decided that a bag without o-rings is simply unacceptable now.
    4. Quality and durability. The bag obviously will hold up to some significant wear and tear. The material is thick and strong, the zippers are a dream, and the seams and workmanship are exceptionally finished.
    5. Comfortable. This bag is ultra comfortable on my back, and seems to almost ergonomically conform to the body.
    6. Low Profile. I am 5'9" and not petite. So this bag almost looked like a child's bag on my back. Almost. But you know what? I liked that it was so low profile. I definitely feel that with my current backpack I have a huge turtle shell on my back that if I turn too fast in a store will take out everything in it's path. The S19 stays really nice and close to my body, and the smaller design almost seemed more fashionable. If I were commuting via public transportation, this low profile design would definitely be a huge plus.

    1. Padded Handle. I wish the top carry handle was padded with neoprene. But I saw in other forum posts that you can purchase an add-on padded handle cover from other sellers.
    2. Exterior Mesh Pockets. I wish there was an exterior mesh pocket on each side to slip a baby bottle into. I find this very convenient on the other bags I own.
    3. Bottom Pocket a little small. This is the one thing that I suspect I would like better on the S25. The bottom pocket on the S19 is just a little too tight to easily slip my Side Effect in and out of. This alone might be enough to sway me towards purchasing the S25 first.
    4. Insulated Water Bottle Pocket. I wish the water bottle pocket was lined with insulated material to keep things colder longer. I know many water bottles are insulated, but this would still be great for those of us that don't have insulated water bottles or need to stash something (like baby's milk) that needs to stay cold for an extended period of time.

    Stay my next post I will show a picture of everything I packed in the bag, with a detailed list and how I organized it in the S19.

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    Here's what I packed in the S19:

    Water Bottle
    Compression Cube containing:
    - Womens Pants
    - Womens T-shirt
    - Baby Sleep Suit
    - Baby Onesie
    - Muslin Swaddle Blanket
    - Baby Socks
    Field Notes Expedition Notebook
    Small Metal Tin containing:
    - Various daily meds
    - Leatherman Squirt MultiTool
    - Flash Drive
    - Short USB charging cable
    - Odds and ends
    Anker Stuff Sack containing
    - Anker portable charger
    - USB charging cord
    - Microfiber headband/ bandanna
    Side Effect containing:
    - Wallet
    - Lip gloss and lipsticks
    - Keys
    - Pen
    - Small Notebook
    - Tylenol and Advil
    - Whistle
    Mini Umbrella
    3DOC, Clear containing:
    - Bug Spray
    - Sunscreen
    - Hand sanitizer
    - Baby washcloth
    Large Snake Charmer containing:
    - 4 diapers
    - package of baby wipes
    - diaper cream
    Baby Rattle Toy
    Small soft pouch containing a first aid kit
    Boogie Wipes
    Burp Cloth
    Diaper Changing Pad

    Not pictured, but also fit:
    Pacifier on clip
    Surface Pro Tablet style Laptop
    Small Baby Bottles

    Here's it all laid out:

    Synapse 19 as Diaper Bag/ EDC-diaper-backpack-jpg

    And here's how I organized it in the S19:

    Front Left Side Pocket:
    Field Notes notebook
    Small metal tin
    Anker charger and bandanna
    (A baby bottle also fit here)

    Front Right Side Pocket:
    Small pouch with first aid kit
    Mini umbrella
    Pacifier on clip
    (Another baby bottle also fit here)

    Front Bottom Pocket (this was a tight fit):
    Side Effect
    Baby rattle toy

    Small Front Pocket:
    Boogie Wipes

    Water Bottle Pocket:
    Water Bottle

    Main Pocket:
    Compression cube
    Large Snake Charmer
    Diaper Changing Pad
    Baby Bib
    Burp Cloth
    (My Surface Pro also fit in here when it was slid into the elastic pocket with the changing pad)

    Hope that helps anyone considering using the S19 as a diaper bag/EDC. It definitely fit all of my items perfectly, but didn't leave any room to spare if I need to pack additional stuff (unless I really started stuffing it).

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    Nicely packed! I used my S19 as our diaper+extra clothes bag for a trip to Disney. It fit all 3 of my kids things, plus my Surface Pro and snacks. I carried it for three whole days in a row without any discomfort. The security guards at the gate also got a kick out of just how many pockets it has. Smilie

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    I know this is a really old post but thank you for posting this!! I’ve been looking for a list and set up like this!

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