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    Western Flyer- 10 Day Trip

    I haven't posted much since purchasing my TB bag, but I felt like it was time for a quick review. I purchased my Western Flyer about a year ago. I absolutely love this bag just as much as the day I first received it. My primary use is for work travel, 2-3 days each week. Over the course of the year, I feel like I have really dialed in my packing. So a few weeks ago, when choosing my luggage for a 10 day trip to Costa Rica, I felt like I could pull it off in the WF. Granted, it was a beach vacation and not a business trip but I still felt a small sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, I failed to take a picture of my bag while we were there (sorry, I forgot that was a thing). But I will list what all I packed. I read through tons of emails like this before I bought my bag, so I figured it could potentially help future bag owners.

    1 pair blue jeans
    1 pair chino pants
    3 pair nice/casual shorts
    4 pairs swim shorts
    2 long sleeve button down shirts
    1 short sleeve button down shirt
    10 T-Shirts
    1 pair flip flops
    1 pair pajama pants
    8 pairs of undies
    Toiletry Bag- TB 3D Organizer Cube- Clear
    1 Laptop

    All of the items listed above plus a few misc. fit in the Western Flyer utilizing 3 packing cubes and the 3D Organizer Cube, as my 3-1-1 bag. There were several items that were never worn and should not have been packed. (I'm looking at you blue jeans and pj pants) I will add in closing that you obviously need to be mindful of the bulkiness of each and every item you choose to bring.

    That's it! See you in a year! J/K Smilie

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    well done!
    I have a 10 day trip coming up for Mexico and I have started making a packing list similar to yours. I will be using my tristar. My challenge is going to be my month long trip in November/December to Mexico

    1 pair of chinos (will wear on the flight)
    1 pair of converse (will wear on flight)

    3 pair nice/casual shorts
    5 pairs swim shorts
    1 short sleeve button down shirt
    10 T-Shirts/Tank Tops
    2 pair flip flops

    5 pairs of undies
    3 pairs of sock
    (note I have a washer and dryer in the condo I am staying in)

    Toiletry Bag- TB 3D Organizer Cube- Clear

    camera bag which holds my camera, lenses, underwater camera and iPad

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    I did something similar a few years ago, but it was 3 days business in Denver, then straight to 7 days vacay in Costa Rica visiting family. Didn't take as many clothes as you since I did some laundry while I was there, but even with the business/vacation split, I managed to one-bag it in the WF.

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