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    Yeoman prepares for SW Japan (Osaka, Tateyama, Kyoto, Hiroshima)

    My Yeoman (original version -large size - without the locking zipper) packed for a 3- week trip to Japan, next week. Weighs 18 lbs - I plan to check it. I am bringing the roller (weighs 15 lbs, empty roller weighs 5 lbs) as a carry on to put under the seat in front of me. The contents of the Yeoman fits in my Aeronaut 45 with room to spare. The contents of the roller fits in my Pilot or added to the Yeoman with room to spare.

    Due to medical issues, I cannot carry much weight - thus, the roller/ Yeoman combo - put the latter on top of the former to wheel from curb to bag check-in.

    Otherwise, I would have packed my A45 and Pilot.

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    The original Yeoman bags do seem to hold an enormous amount of stuff in them Smilie
    I love my Burnt Orange Medium Cafe Bag, Black MCB, and Azure LCB.
    The Preciouses: A45 in black/zest, (original) Yeoman Duffel in verde, Mini Yeoman Duffel in Burnt Orange, the S19 in black/ultraviolet, and the MB in black/northwest sky; Shop Bags in zest, monarch, sitka, fjord, and island.

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