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    Cold-weather travel with A45 & DLBC

    I just returned from a 12-day work trip. Flew to VA area on New Yearís Day. This was a continuation trip, as I had spent two weeks before Christmas, flew home and then back a week later. It was very cold, so lots of bulky items. This is essentially the same thing I packed for both trips, using my Aeronaut 45 (black ballistic/Zest halcyon) and Daylight Briefcase (black dark grid/Northwest sky halcyon). I used almost everything my first trip, but did not use as much the second. I noted items that got little or no use. I have to go back in a couple of weeks and plan to cut it down accordingly.
    Cold-weather travel with A45 & DLBC-45-dlbc-packed-jpg

    Packed inside Aeronaut 45
    2 pants (black / gray)
    1 shorts (did not use)
    2 Leggings
    4 Long-sleeve tops
    2 short-sleeve tees (did not use one)
    4 Sweaters
    3 Undies
    3 Socks
    1 Bra
    2 Camisole/tanks
    1 fleece vest (used mainly in room)
    1 Packable rain jacket (good top layer in cold weather)
    1 Night shirt as robe (didnít use much)
    1 pj bottom
    1 pair black shoes
    1 Pair sandals
    1 Hat / gloves
    Non-clothes items
    Mouthpiece for sleeping
    3-1-1 (3D COC/ wasabi)
    Umbrella (did not use)
    JBL Clip 2 speaker (did not use)
    Non-TB Folding Travel Tray (did not use)
    iRig Keyboard (did not use)
    DVDs (did not use)
    Deck of cards (did not use)
    Packable tote (used as laundry bag)
    Moleskine book light (did not use)
    Small blanket (bought enroute to VA/used a lot)
    Extra computer charger
    Jeans (Lee Classic Fit Monroe - khaki)
    long-sleeve button down (denim blue)
    long-sleeve tee (gray-white)
    Bra / Undies / Socks
    Jacket with wool buff in pocket
    Lems boots
    Daylight Briefcase with Travel Cubelet (NW sky) inside
    Water bottle (12 oz)
    Ball cap

    Cold-weather travel with A45 & DLBC-a45-packed-open-jpg
    In Main Compartment:
    • TS/WF Packing Cube Backpack (steel) with pants, sweaters, night shirt, gray top and capri leggings
    • Small A45 Aether Packing Cube (wasabi) with Keyboard, tops, shorts, socks and leggings
    • Vest with night clothes folded inside
    • sandals
    • JPL speaker
    • Small blanket
    • Cards, videos, book light, and non-TB travel tray (in top zipped pocket)

    In Left End Pocket:
    • Packable rain jacket
    • Extra computer charger
    • No. 2 Travel Stuff Sack (wasabi) with undies, 1 pair socks, wine opener, camisole and hat/gloves
    • 3-1-1 (3D Clear Organizer Cube) (wasabi) with toiletries

    In Right End Pocket:
    • Umbrella
    • Vitamins
    • Shoes with spare glasses and tide packet in one and No.1 Travel Stuff Sack (solar) with assorted knick-knacks in one

    Side Zipper Pockets:
    • SnoreRx mouthpiece on one side
    • Packable tote on other

    Cold-weather travel with A45 & DLBC-dlbc-contents-jpg
    Daylight Briefcase
    Front Diagonal Zip Pocket:
    Work Badge
    Front Pocket:
    • Left side: Crimson mini Organizer Pouch as first aid kit and Wasabi mini Organizer Pouch with odds and ends
    • Right side: travel power strip, computer charger and travel mouse

    Main Compartment:
    • Dell Latitude E6440 14-inch laptop [13.31 in (338 mm) x 9.16 in (232.6 mm) x 1.25 in (31.8mm)
    • Travel Cubelet (NW sky) with wallet, phone and EDC stuff
    • Tissue and other bits and bobs
    • Folder with 8.5 x 11 paper

    Back Pocket:
    • Medium Double Organizer Pouch (linen) with collapsible bowl, fork/spoon combo, Tide stick, office supplies, pens and other things
    • Mouse Pad
    • Large Moleskin Volant Journal

    Top Handle:
    Luggage Tag (aubergine) (where I store my room key)

    The Stand-Outs
    I LOVE the Daylight Briefcase. I knew I would. I never got it previous because I was worried my laptop would not fit. Finally said ďwhat the heckĒ and bought one in Black dark grid Halcyon/Northwest Sky, knowing I could return it if the laptop didnít fit. Ta-da! It does fit, but just barely with the slightest bit of wiggle room. Note that itís in there without a sleeve. I carry it ďnakedĒ in the compartment, nothing under it. I am very careful with the bag, so feel OK carrying it this way. I do have a non-TB sleeve that is 14 inches wide but it is a very tight fit, putting more pressure on the zippers than I like, and it takes away from the capacity of the bag. The DLBC is a joy to carry and fits everything I need. And even when it is stuffed completely full, I can still easily access the contents.
    Cold-weather travel with A45 & DLBC-dlbc-packed-jpg

    My next favorite piece of kit has been the No. 2 Travel Stuff Sack (wasabi). I used it to pack clothing on the trip and then repurposed it to serve as my lunch box. When Iím staying in one place for longer than a week, I buy bread, ham, cheese, spinach, tomatoes and carrots. Then I make my lunch every day. Before I leave the hotel to go into the office, I usually grab a banana and an apple, along with something for breakfast, like oatmeal or a boiled egg and yogurt. It all fit in the TSS. On this trip, I didnít have an extra Ziploc, so I used the zip bag the carrots came in as my sandwich bag. I carried the tomatoes in the plastic wrap from the coffee cup in my hotel room. Now thatís recycling! Big Grin
    Cold-weather travel with A45 & DLBC-no-2-lunch-bag-contents-jpg

    A third thing that I used every day was a travel brush/mirror combo. I think my husband picked it up at a tradeshow years ago, but I never used it because I thought there was no way it would work in my hair.

    And finally, the Travel Cubelet. I donít want to say it is replacing my tried-and-true Side Effect, but it worked remarkably well in combination with the DLBC. I donít think the SE would have worked as well. I also wore in my seat on the plane was never asked to remove it at take-off or landing. Most excellent!

    The Not So Good
    Though I wore or used most everything once, there were things I didnít really need and a few I never used. It was very cold while I was in VA. For a week or more, temperatures were in the single digits or low teens (Fahrenheit). I took four sweaters. I wore them all but I only really needed three, and probably could have gotten away with just two. I had two pairs of leggings Ė one capri and one full length. I also had pj bottoms. Next time, I will only use one pair of leggings and the pj bottoms or the two leggings and no pj bottoms. I will not take the shorts again, unless the weather is warmer Ė or I actually stick to my exercise routine. As for t-shirts, I had two short sleeve tees but also had two camisoles/tanks. I only needed one of each. I had way too many long-sleeve tops and then bought one additional. Not sure why, just thought I needed another white long-sleeve top for layering. I also bought another pair of slacks, but that pair replaced one of the black slacks, which were old and starting to fall apart. I didnít use any of my ďfunĒ stuff (keyboard, video, etc.)

    I checked my Aeronaut at the counter both ways, and it made traveling pleasant. My A45 was full, and knowing it would probably end up being checked at the gate anyway, I went ahead and offloaded it so I didnít have to tote it around needlessly. Besides, it was a work trip, so is a reimbursable expense. 
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    Wow great post! You have my two favorite bags and flew to my home state. It was indeed VERY cold during that time you were visiting.

    Thanks for providing so many details in your packing list. Iím preparing for some upcoming travel with my A45 and DLBC and will reference your post for some pointers. I also love the stuff sacks and love the idea of using them for lunch. What a great post!

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