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    Forum Member melminimalist's Avatar
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    Nov 2016
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    What is in your EDC?

    I think we did a thread on this back in August, but I figured it was time for a winter edition. What are you packing in your EDC, can be work bag, purse, breifcase what ever you carry most days. Pics too, if you can!

    Current EDC is an A30 packing cube backpack in UV.
    Two bic four colour pens, a blue pen and a mechanical pencil
    TB ruler
    First aid kit (red glasses bag)
    Travel tissues
    Small notebook
    Wrist cover (I'm a teacher, when wearing short sleeves I have to cover my tattoo, they are cracking down on it this year)
    Flossers and mini toothbrushes
    Matador pocket blanket
    TB small cordura pouch with tea essentials
    Coffee spoon, soup spoon spork (yes, I use all three during the week)
    Mini towel thingy
    Rain jacket
    Not pictured: my corkicle coffee cup

    A lesson I have learned in 10 years of teaching is my purse stays in my car :-(

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    "Not all who wander are lost"
    "Love people, use things, because the opposite never works" - The Minimalists
    Synapse 25 in Olive, Aubergine Side Effect, UV A30 PCBP, Sitka PCSB

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    Forum Member dsonyay's Avatar
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    Jan 2018
    Broussard, Louisiana
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    This is it..
    Leatherman Sidekick.
    Kershaw Skyline folder.
    Slimmy wallet.
    Citizen Ecodrive Diver watch.
    Zippo lighter.
    Foursevens Preon flashlight (not pictured)

    No bag, I change knives once in a while, and sometimes swap out the Leatherman for a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.. depends on what I'm wearing.
    Attached Images Attached Images What is in your EDC?-20180130_173239-jpg 

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    Volunteer Moderator
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    Sep 2017
    SF Bay area
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    Quote Originally Posted by melminimalist View Post
    Wrist cover (I'm a teacher, when wearing short sleeves I have to cover my tattoo, they are cracking down on it this year)
    @melminimalist - where's the pic of the tattoo!?

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    Forum Member
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    Dec 2016
    Boston, MA
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    @melminimalist You’re happy with the A30 PCBP? Can you fit a Freudian slip in the lower section? I keep debating this but feel I need more organization.

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    Apr 2017
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    No pics unfortunately, but my current EDC consists of:
    - Wallet - I have a few on rotation, but my favourite is a compact card case
    - Fisher space pen
    - Gerber Dime multitool
    - Pack of tissues
    - Lipbalm
    - Small tin of mints
    - Second aid pouchkin containing: micro usb to lightning adapter, Samsung bar flash drive, micro sd card, panadol, two throat lozenges, microfibre cloth, two wet wipes, hairclip
    - Plantronics Backbeat Fit bluetooth headphones - most indestructable pair I've ever owned
    - Powerbank - either a 10000mah one from Ravpower that can charge my Surface 3 or a small 2500mah one from Cygnett, along with a short micro USB cable.

    I swap bags pretty regularly, depending on what else I need to bring with me. In the past week I've used my Side Kick, S19, newly acquired Maker's Bag and a small leather handbag for more formal occasions.

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    Jul 2014
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    Front pocket: pens, mascara, lipstick and a mini charger
    Inside: Kleenex, small red pouch for female items (only used monthly), Clear Organizer Pouch as a wallet, largish glasses case, Q-Kit for mini EarPods, another set of headphones (I had been traveling for this photo, usually it isn’t in my purse), Advil. Often there is a reusable bag pouch from Envirosac. Occasionally I put my ipad in the back pocket (you can see it in the photo above the red pouch). Occasionally I toss in a water bottle (HydroFlask).

    What is in your EDC?-d16b52cb-6c51-44e9-8a8b-7783d1863cc7-jpeg
    Aeronaut 30 in Aubergine/Wasabi
    Ristretto in Olive/Cayenne
    Small cafe in Plum Cordura/Olive
    Western Flyer in Black/Island
    Synapse 19 in Burnt Orange/Northwest Sky
    Smart Alec in Black/Iberian
    Synapse 25 in Red Blend/Northwest Sky
    Small Cafe bag in Red Blend/Navy (EDCB)
    Accessories:travel tray , Travel Laundry Stuff Sack, 3D Organizer Cube, Set of A30 Aether Packing Cubes, Side Effect, and a Double Organizer Pouch I use as a wallet.

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    Forum Member KmK's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
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    This gets me through my day... The MCB Freudian slip fits inside whatever work-day bag I might carry. In it go the Hi-Tec Cs, a fountain pen, and the .38 G2 (Love that pen); the small double organizer in navy parapack with index cards, business cards, bandaids, and a mechanical pencil; the Fieldnotes, Mnemosyne, and Clairefontaine notebooks; and other bits and bobs. The Iberian #1 stuff sack is perfect for holding my wallet (handmade, carried by my father), pocket pouch of assorted cards, mini monarch op of coins (lots of them in Canada—loonies and toonies as well as small change) and my keys in the wasabi mini.

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    Forum Member bermudajes's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    Michigan, USA
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    I've been living out of my verde/NWS Side Kick as of late, which I pop into my aubergine/island Maker's Bag when I need more space. I just acquired a deep blue/dawn SE, and I'm hoping to downsize my EDC again, but for today this is what I've got. I actually find that the SE holds nearly as much as the SK, which itself holds an impressive amount of junk! I'll let the pictures show you...

    What is in your EDC?-edc1-jpg

    What is in your EDC?-edc2-jpg

    What is in your EDC?-edc3-jpg
    kindness is contagious.

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    Forum Member bchaplin's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
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    Still carrying the Luminary. For a short period when the really cold weather hit, I used the Pop Tote, but this is a lot more compact and nicer to wear when I don't have too much stuff. I love this bag SO MUCH. The slot on the back is genius, and makes it easy to pull out my Kindle or journal on the train.

    Here's everything. The stuff sack, now empty, was full of snacks when I brought it to work. And of course the Travel Cubelet itself is filled with the usual, but since there is nothing surprising I won't detail it all.

    What is in your EDC?-luminary-jpg

    This backpack has completely taken over the niche that my Synapse used to occupy, but I like it so much more as a commuting bag. It worked well when I first bought it and used it in combination with the Side Effect, but it is so much better with the Travel Cubelet--the perfect synchronicity.
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    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Edmund Burke

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    Mar 2017
    New England
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    I've been carrying this SK everywhere this Winter. The basic items in it don't change, but I did hack the pouch that corrals odds and ends. I replaced a side with vinyl to get a clear pouch in exactly the right shape and size. Pulling stuff out of that pouch is so much quicker.

    What is in your EDC?-dscn3738-jpg

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    Forum Member Aeon's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Atlanta, GA
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    The Travel Cubelet is my go-to non-dressy purse. I love the Side Kick because it fits everything I might want to carry throughout the day minus a water bottle, but in reality what's in my TC are the things I use nearly every time I leave the house.

    Black Travel Cubelet:

    ⦁ Neoprene glasses case w/Rx glasses x2
    ⦁ A6 discbound notebook
    ⦁ Pen
    ⦁ Keys
    ⦁ Zest mini OP/minimalist wallet
    ⦁ blotting linens, bandages x2, hand wipes x2

    Not pictured: phone used to take pic.

    What is in your EDC?-tbedc2-jpg

    Long live Burnt Orange! Zest! 152!

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