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At the TSAPre check at SFO this morning, both the boarding pass and ID were requested. Boarding pass scanned, and the ID just visually inspected. At IAD, the ID was run through a machine. As Frank II mentioned, they appear to be testing this at select airports.

We stayed at a hotel near SFO (Westin) so that we wouldn't have to deal with traffic getting to the airport this morning. I was surprised that parking at the hotel was $30 for self park / $40 for valet. So I returned the rental car last night, and took the hotel shuttle to the airprt this morning. I think this was a good idea regardless of the parking fee, as it meant one less thing to take care of this morning before the flight.

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I know that Westin - stayed there or at the Aloft next door a few times. Yes, you will more than likely pay for parking at a hotel in the Bay area. Cheapest I have seen is $15 per night, $30 seems to be average and some of the nicer hotels in San Francisco proper run $50-60 a night. I have a family wedding at one of those in the last category this summer and depending on my circumstances will be either taking Amtrak from where I currently live or BART from my new location (fingers crossed on a new job).