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    We were a walking Tom Bihn advertisement

    We recently returned from a two-week trip to Europe (Amsterdam, Venice, London, Edinburgh). At the airport my son commented "We could be in a Tom Bihn ad!" because every bag we carried was a Tom Bihn bag.

    Here's the round-up:

    Me: A30, Small shop bag w/Sidekick stashed inside
    Husband: Western Flyer, Co-Pilot
    Adult Son: A45, Daylight backpack (rolled up inside for daily use)
    12 year old granddaughter: S19, Pop Tote w/Travel Cubelet stashed inside
    2 year old granddaughter: Night Flight Travel Duffle (adult son - her dad - carried it), Sprout (she carried)

    (And we used TB packing cubes and organizer pouches for everything)

    I wish we had thought to take a picture! It would have been a kaleidoscope of colors because none of our
    bags match.

    We had to check bags only once - on Easyjet as they have a strict one bag carryon policy - so the A45 and Western Flyer were checked which was super easy because the backpack straps zip up into their own compartment.

    Our hosts (and airport taxi drivers) were amazed - "where are your other bags?" - they kept asking. We were organized like a well-oiled machine.

    So thanks Tom Bihn for a great travel experience!!

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    What a great story! I wish you’d taken a photo too! Next time. :-)

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