Sooooo I got my S25 today (first TB item ever) and I知 pretty impressed. The S25 was the right way to go. The S19 would have been tiny for what I needed this bag for. My wife does a lot of social media work (influencer) so when I travel with her for work we need more photo gear. We are headed to Mexico for 4 days next week, NYC in October, Vegas in November and I think we are going to HP world sometime in there as well. All are 3-5 day trips. The cube was a bit bigger than I anticipated and initially didn稚 think it would fit but at least I can put more stuff in there than camera gear. We won稚 be traveling with a laptop either so that値l save some space. Day to day I値l just be carrying the camera stuff in the backpack wrapped in a t shirt or something. The cube was more for point A to point B travel. I値l be using the S25 as an EDC as well so I値l wrap my M3 in a jacket or something when I go to work. I should be able to one bag travel even with that cube. I値l probably do a test pack on Saturday to confirm but I think I値l be fine. I知 pretty low maintenance. To Mexico I値l take some flip flops, two shirts and some swim trunks in the bag plus toiletries. I値l wear another outfit for travel.