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    I'm traveling in Europe right now (just with my husband though, no kids).

    This is the adapter I'm using, quite happy with it. NTONPOWER Travel Small Power...

    I couldn't find my Side Kick despite much searching, so I've been using a Side Effect for my in-town use, and a Maker Bag for our daytrips when we want to pack jackets for the evening temperatures. My Pilot has worked well for in-flight and on-train organization, but its lack of a hip belt makes it unsuitable for daily use. LOVE the back pocket zipper that transforms it into a slip-on attachment to my roller bag handles, my husband has to wrangle the straps of the Maker bag a bit more to secure it in a similar fashion.

    We did laundry yesterday, using a Small Shop Bag and another cloth bag to tote our clothes up to the laundromat 10 min away from our hotel - with straps long enough to slip it on back-pack style, it was balanced and comfy for me. It is going to turn into a carry-on bag for the remainder of the trip, as one of our carry-on roller bags needs to turn into checked luggage after our shopping has put us over the size and weight limits for carry-on.

    A Travel Tray, yarn stuff sacks, Pilot packing cube and a few organizer pouches rounds it out.. along with the Clear Organizer Wallets we are both using for our euros! Great Tom Bihn trip!

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    I hope your friend is doing okay!

    Quote Originally Posted by Marubex View Post
    Thank you for all the replies. Sorry it took so long, but i had to go and help a sick friend.
    For those of you that use roller bags, which do you recommend?Which TB bags have worked best for you in similar scenarios? Have you used it to carry lenses/cameras plus EDC?
    We've had a hodge-podge of roller bags. I am brand-agnostic with respect to rollers, but have found that it's easier for the kids to take a turn pushing the rollers if they are the kind that have four wheels instead of two ("spinners", instead of the kind that have to be tilted in order to roll).

    Re: cameras/lenses - How picky are you about trip photos? I have been taking pictures since the days of film and darkrooms (I dodged and burned, but was always terrible at loading the film onto the reel). I used to bring my SLR and two lenses on all trips. Then I switched to a small camera (Fuji X100). And these days I prefer the convenience of my cellphone camera. I print out trip books every now and then, up to 12x12. (For higher-quality portraits, I just pay someone to take our pictures every few years - that way I'm in the picture too!). I am much happier not having to keep track of heavy, expensive, and fragile equipment, and I never have to decide whether to bring my camera with me or not. (I still have my SLR and DSLR, but I'm not sure where the chargers are.) Your mileage may vary!

    If using a backpack has it been really a pain to have it checked in (locker/coat Room)in most places?
    I have started taking a cross-body bag - SCB, MCB, or Maker's Bag - on trips with a lot of sightseeing, to avoid the worry of whether my backpack will be allowed into a museum or other attraction. Alternately, I bring a small backpack - say, DLBP or PCBP - and put a Shop Bag in the daypack when heading out. Then if I think I might be questioned, I put all the contents into the tote bag, until we exit that location. The Shop Bag is also handy for toting souvenirs, or kids' stuff when they get cranky or wet (my son has a gift for finding fountains or spray parks on vacation, and getting drenched), or provisions to take back to the hotel (say, for breakfast or for packing lunches the next day).

    I bet it is getting exciting as your trip date grows closer and closer! Hope you will post an update on what you took and where you went, post-travel!
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    Hi Maria
    The best purchase I've found for European travel was an iphone charger with European plug. Approx 20 euros, purchased upon arrival. With two teenagers I'm sure they both have phones Wink
    This allowed me to charge the phone in tight spaces without worrying if the adaptor was too heavy/bulky.

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    Thanks so much for your responses. As to what camera, I must confess I am a gear addict and sometimes I print a4 or lager so ay the bare minimu it would be X100 of possibly a Fuji with two lenses.

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