Has anyone hiked all day, or done an overnight with all their gear in the guide’s edition of the synapse 25? I visit my siblings in the NH whites typically at least once a year in the summer time, I would like a bag that is more travel bag, but could be used in a pinch as an overnight hiking pack. I am a UL hiker, base weight is ~8 lbs. I am short, and I know I love the way the s25 rides normally, but I have never taken it hiking. Typically we’ll plan out if we are doing a camping trip, so I can plan to bring my zpacks nero, but occaisionally we make a last minute decision to go, since I always travel with my hammock, I want to be able to just throw a light weight sleeping bag unto my one-bag and go. The ge synik 30 could potentially work for that.

I am debating on the ge synik 30, but since no one has that bag yet, I figured I’d ask how the ge s25 performs. I tried the guides pack and it was not for me, didn’t even get past test packing stages with it. Thanks, also pics would be awesome!

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