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    10 days in Orlando in the Aeronaut 30

    Hello, forum! Here’s my very first post, half a year late, after months of lurking. I was super-excited to get my A30 (and PCBP, ’cause why not?)—first TB order! My husband and I moved to NYC last fall, and while we weren’t able to go “home” for Christmas, my parents helped us fly out to join them on vacation in Orlando in January—we even got to spend two days at Disney World! My husband’s carry-on might not have survived another trip, so I kindly donated mine to him in a hail-Mary bag purchase justification.

    The A30 was plenty big enough for the trip, and I was actually able to squeeze in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and three lightweight sweaters I picked up at the outlet mall. I could definitely have packed lighter, but it was kind of nice not to have to think too hard about that. Also, the PCBP made a fantastic day bag at Disney.

    I hadn’t spent much time on the forums at that point, but still felt the need to photograph my packing process:

    10 days in Orlando in the Aeronaut 30-screen-shot-2015-06-08-10-44-52-pm-jpg
    All laid out...

    10 days in Orlando in the Aeronaut 30-screen-shot-2015-06-08-10-45-18-pm-png10 days in Orlando in the Aeronaut 30-screen-shot-2015-06-08-10-45-30-pm-png
    Room for all my overpacking!

    Here’s my list (as best as I can remember/see):

    (In the PCBP)
    lightweight sweater
    long-sleeved chambray shirt
    long-sleeved Beauty and the Beast shirt
    two t-shirts
    denim capri-ish length pants
    black ponte leggings
    black maxi skirt
    sleeveless dress

    (In Eagle Creek med PC)
    four tank tops/camis
    two scarves

    (In EC lg PC)
    workout clothes (capri leggings, sleeveless, and long-sleeve shirts)
    two bathingsuits

    underthings (in EC sm PC)
    tennis shoes
    chaco flip-flops
    toiletries & brush

    Shoes went in one end pocket and toiletries (two quart-size ziplocks and a brush) in the other. Raincoat and PCBP went under the straps, EC PCs over. I didn’t bother to photograph what I wore on the plane, including a leather Madewell purse with my 11-inch MBA, Kindle, chargers, and “purse” items (phone, keys, etc.). Since it was January, and I rely on public transit these days, I had to wear a coat to get to the airport (along with yoga pants and the boat shoes that could slip on and off at security).

    We had a fantastic trip, and while I haven’t had another opportunity to use the A30 yet, I’m looking forward to its next excursion. My husband totally doesn’t get the TB thing, but he’s a very nice guy, and was a good enough sport to include a linen/navy MCB in my birthday gift last month. I’m expecting a SE on Thursday for a very special purpose, which I’ll get to in another post.

    Now, to keep refreshing the UPS tracking page until Thursday...

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    Excellent first post @alissa - welcome !

    Very impressive - 10 days in an A30 no less. This is a great 1 bag post. I am still not there yet but someday ... !
    Looking forward to seeing what you plan for you SE.

    TB Ballistic Black/Iberian Dyneema backpacks and briefcases for every occasion together with my cherished Nordic and Solar Dyneema!

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    Wow, I never would have thought all that would fit in the A30!

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