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    12 Days in Europe | Sightseeing, Sailing, Clubbing

    As some on the forum may recall, I take an annual sailing trip with 11 of my closest friends from college. Our recent trips have included Croatia and Greece, however this year we ventured to the beautiful Spanish islands of Palma Mallorca (where we rented the boat), Formentera, and Ibiza. Two friends and I decided to leave a few days early so we could spend some time in Lisbon and Barcelona before meeting up with the rest of the crew. All told, I was gone for a total of 12 days and had to be prepared for a variety of activities including: sightseeing (i.e. lots of walking, especially in Lisbon & Barcelona), beaching/swimming, sailing, dining, and clubbing (it was Ibiza after all...).

    Since my trip included a total of six flights (EWR<>LIS, LIS<>BAR, BAR<>PMI), including two on Ryanair, there was no way I was checking a bag. In fact, it would cost nearly as much to gate check a bag on Ryanair (50) as my flight was. With the knowledge that an under-packed A45 could pass as my carry-on, I pulled the trigger on a Co-Pilot for my personal item. I have (and love) the Pilot already, however it wouldn't 'technically' cut it for the size restrictions....similar situation for my NFTD.

    I also decided that I would need to do some minimal laundry while traveling, mostly underwear and my travel towel. Due to some recent travel pants purchases (one pair of khakis from Bluffworks and one pair of Rohan Fusion pants - highly recommend both) and careful selection of my shirts, I was able to do my best packing job to-date. Besides the few provisions I brought in case of a freak cold front, I had very few excess items. Below is my packing list and pictures:

    (5) pair underwear, (1) wearing
    (2) pair wool socks, (1) wearing
    (3) pair pants, (1) wearing
    (4) pair shorts
    (1) pair athletic shorts
    (1) bathing suit
    (2) polo shirts
    (2) linen button-downs
    (3) lightweight blend button-downs
    (5) t-shirts, (1) wearing
    (1) tank
    (1) reversible belt, wearing
    (1) flannel shirt, wearing
    (1) merino sweater
    (1) long-sleeve performance shirt
    (1) rain shell
    (1) baseball cap
    (1) sunglasses
    (1) watch, wearing

    Flip-flops, Sperry topsiders (wearing), Toms shoes, Merrell barefoot shoes

    Charger cords; Power converter; Small flashlight; Extra battery; Travel towel; Books (3) - Travel/Leisure/Puzzle; Passport, Laminated copy of ID/Passport/Heath Insurance; 1L Water bottle (Platypus); Notebook; Pen/Pencil/Sharpie; Misc. plastic bags; Headphones; iPod shuffle; Duct tape; Waterproof phone case; Clothes pins; Croakies; Lighter; Granola bars; Gum; Dry bag; First aid bag; Toiletries; iPhone 5s (carrying); Rohan waterproof wallet (carrying)

    Bags Used
    A45; CP; 3DCOC (3-1-1); EC Med. Packing Folder; DLBP (packed for day excursions/sight-seeing); PCSB; A45 end cube; Size 4 SS (packed for laundry); various OP's and SS's in the CP

    Everything laid out:
    12 Days in Europe | Sightseeing, Sailing, Clubbing-img_4195-jpg

    Packing folder & A45 end cube in main compartment; packed PCSB waiting on the side; shoes in end pocket:
    12 Days in Europe | Sightseeing, Sailing, Clubbing-img_4197-jpg

    Completely packed:
    12 Days in Europe | Sightseeing, Sailing, Clubbing-img_4202-jpg

    I had no trouble with Ryanair (or any other airline, for that matter) and even had room to bring back plenty of souvenirs for my family and friends. The only weather, besides 80-90's and sunny, was one 30-minute deluge in Lisbon...luckily the watercolor paintings we had just bought from a street artist were safely tucked away in the DLBP and suffered no harm! And thanks to the packing cubes/folder/organizer pouches/stuff sacks, I was able to stay organized throughout the journey--whether I was sharing an apartment through AirBnB, catching a few hours of sleep in a hostel, or sharing a 50 ft boat with 11 other guys. Amazing trip and amazing luggage, thanks Tom Bihn!

    Note: For the first time I decided to purchase the 30-day international data package from AT&T, which includes unlimited messaging. Although you can get WiFi almost anywhere (especially if you're willing to plunk down a Euro for an espresso at a cafe or restaurant), it was invaluable to have easy access to Google maps or be able to turn on 'roaming' for a quick internet search. My package was $30 for 120 Mb of data, good for 30 days.

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    I absolutely LOVE packing posts. Well done! Thanks so much for sharing.

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