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    Jun 2014
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    Red face New website feature: We want to share your photos!

    Hey folks! This is Hannah from TB. I'm just here to highlight what I think is a pretty cool new feature on our website and ask for your help with it. (Yeah, you!) You see that reel on the bottom of the main page of our site, or on the bottom of the bag pages? Those are photos. Photos YOU GUYS have taken. If you ever want to see a bag in use before you buy it, those reels are the perfect place to go! You'll see bags on boxes, bags on hips, bags on rocks or glaciers, maybe bags on the backs of whales... wherever folks take them, you'll see them in the wild!

    Did you read that and think: hey, wait! I have a Snake Charmer and I travel. What about my photos?

    Here's the good news: we want to showcase your photos too! If you upload your photos to your Instagram or Twitter account and tag it with #tombihn or #bihnthere, we'll see it and add it to the reel! Then we'll tag it with whatever bag is in the picture so other folks can see it in action.

    Alternatively, there's a little “submit your photo” link right above the reel where you can directly send your photo to us. We'll tag those, too!

    If you've already submitted your photos and we've added them to the reel, then thank you. We hope you take more photos and upload them: photos of you and your bags, your bags alone, or your bags and your cats or dogs to let us see where you've been or where you're going!

    P.S. – We have a few bags that are a little under-represented. If you have one, won't you share your photo with us? We're especially looking for pictures of:

    - Guardian Lights
    - Snake Charmers
    - Q-AM Straps and the bags you use them with
    - Key Straps! So many Key Straps!
    - the Camera I-O
    - Smart Alecs with Modular Pockets
    - Smart Alecs with the Glowire

    P.S.S. Thanks to everyone who takes so many and such great photos of your stuff, your travels, and yourself. We use a lot of these to show off our bags to folks new to us, and they (and we!) really appreciate it.

    So if you needed an excuse to travel a little more, we just gave you one. :)

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    Gentle correction: *P.P.S.

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    that's look good

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