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    Cadet bag review, 15" MacBook Pro user

    so i've had the Cadet for about 6 months or so and thought I'd post a review.

    I've been through quite a few bags, and have a wandering eye... as soon as I get a new bag, I spot something, grass is greener on the other side of the fence, and I'm now the owner of multiple bags. Repeat.

    This has not happened over the last 6 months, it's a first. Have the Cadet in Steel/Northwest Sky. Added the cache for a MacBook Pro 15" and the Absolute Strap option, with corded zipper pulls. My regular carry includes the following
    main compartment
    -15" macbook Pro circa late 2013
    -ipad pro
    big compartment
    -headphones (earbuds in a moderately sized pouch)
    -3 pens
    -mini toolkit (pen form factor)
    -Fenix RC09 flashlight
    -rechargeable flashlight/lantern (supernova, about the size of a hockey puck)
    -bunch of business cards
    -USB card reader
    -8x11 dual compartment zippered pouch, one side dongles (DVI-thunderbolt, VGA-thunderbolt, etc), one side cables (ethernet, USB, lightning, etc)
    -gear ties and a small roll of gaffers tape
    -occasionally, PoE tester and Kill A Watt meter
    -occasionally (when flying), MacBook pro power adapter with quirky powercurl cable management
    really small compartment
    -business cards, spare compact flash

    review - Use this as my daily commuter, and had about 4-5 business flights. Look and feel, very nice bag. Professional looking and sharp, no complaints on appearance at all. I'm not exceptionally hard on bags, but I carry a modest amount of gear, it literally shows zero wear after 6 months. No marks, stains, wear patterns of any kind, pretty impressive. Everything about the bag is just solidly constructed. Feels quite protective of my laptop and iPad without overdoing it with 2 inches of foam everywhere, just the right amount, doesn't even cross my mind. Fits my 15" MacBook pro (in the Cache) and iPad pro right next to the Cache (with apple case and keyboard) in the large compartment without any issues. With the load above, adding the MacBook pro power adapter with cable management, it's pretty much full... not getting anything more sizable in there, but it carries a surprisingly decent load considering it's a moderately slim form factor.

    Absolute strap, big thumbs up. Does not slip off my shoulder, stretchy/comfortable when i carry a heavier than usual load (adding a power adapter), swivel connectors very nice, you don't have to untwist it constantly... I would have to say it's the best shoulder bag strap I've used, and I'm including all the camera bags I've used as well.

    Very minor quibbles. wish the small front pocket was just a touch larger to comfortably hold an iPhone 7+ in case. it fits, but tight enough that it's not really usable. wish you could clip the Cache to the bottom of the main compartment so you have the option to not have it flop out. Every once in awhile, grab my laptop and the fit is snug enough the cache will come out of the main compartment, still connected to main compartment rails, TSA friendly feature but would be nice to be able to clip it to the bottom. doesn't happen all the time, or even most of the time, but i thought about it several times.


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    Great review! I also have a 15 inch MacBook Pro that I recently got, and use my Cadet with it daily. The cadet is indeed such a great bag to hold the essentials.

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