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    Curious Critters Covet Tom Bihn Too

    While snorkeling in Costa Rica, a curious local decided to check out the Tom Bihn.

    Curious Critters Covet Tom Bihn Too-last-import-2-jpgCurious Critters Covet Tom Bihn Too-last-import-3-jpg

    Fortunately, the bags had already been monkey-proofed with the zippers locked on the Daylight and a log on top to prevent an animal from walking off with it.

    Curious Critters Covet Tom Bihn Too-last-import-1-jpg

    Despite the raccoon going to town with teeth and claws for awhile before I noticed, there was no damage to the DLBP or PCSB.

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    We were just in Costa Rica and met this guy...
    Curious Critters Covet Tom Bihn Too-img_0187-jpg

    They have some rather interesting creatures roaming around there. All of which seem pretty crafty and talented at getting into things. Glad to see how well your bags held up to the assault! Was he someone's pet? It looks like he was wearing a collar!

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