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    Forum Member weirdguy's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    The Earth, we share.
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    Our Everyday Carry (EDC)
    SCB Olive 525/Canyon of my Son, carrying his porridge, fruit and baby bottle of water. Also sometimes, pacifier hooked to the Island Keystrap
    Stowaway Navy 525/Grass (How I hope to own Olive 525/Canyon, so to pair up with my son's bag - Father and Son :P)

    It was a beautiful day, ready to drive to his nanny to drop him off. The ray of sunshine reflected up the matte sheen of both 525 Fabric. They has been our EDC since March 2018.
    Please Post Photos of Your Well Travelled Bags-stowaway-canyon-scb-jpg
    Solar/Yellow: A45 Navy, CP Black, SA Black, SCB
    Steel/Grey: UMP Steel 400d, PU Coyote, DLBC, PCSB, TC
    Olive/Green: A30NWS, SCBCanyon, SKIsland
    Mars Red/Red: SENordic, SKCanyon, DLBCCanyon, SCBDawn

    BrainCell Size1 M4800, Cache 13"MBPR E7240

    ~Live Long & Prosper by Vulcan

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    Quote Originally Posted by imperator View Post
    ~4 years of daily use for my WF, and a relatively new FS:

    Attachment 19762

    I put well in excess of 200,000 miles on this bag; daily as a briefcase and stuffed to the brim bi-weekly for travel as a backpack, under plane seats, slung on the back of coffee shop seats, and over airport toilet partitions. The zipper waterproofing has degraded at those corners that get the most contact, and the zipper finish has weathered:
    Attachment 19763

    And you can see some of the scratching of the ballistic along the edges of the powerbank I keep in there, pretty amazing that with all the under-seat contact with AV boxes and aluminum seat struts and bolts there is no actual damage to the ballistic:
    Attachment 19764

    I've been a big fan of one bag travel, and on my own have not traveled with any other bag since I got this. What I spent on the bag and accessories was steep for me at the time, but I don't think any other bag would have made it this far. In all these years, stuffed to the brim, literally using the zipper to squeeze the bag down at it's fullest, not one broken seam.
    This is awesome. A fantastic example of a TB bag’s durability.

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    Aeronaut 45 (Navy/NWS), A30 (Black/Island), Tristar (Steel/Island), Western Flyer (Steel/Island), Pilot (Steel/Island), Synapse 25 (Mars Red/NWS), Synapse 19 (Black/Island) & (Burnt Orange/Steel), Ristretto 11 (Navy/Steel), Small Cafe Bag (Navy/Steel) & (Mars Red/Dawn), Daylight Briefcase (Cloud/Dawn), Side Kick (Mars Red/Dawn), Travel Cubelet (Mars Red)

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    Nov 2016
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaCheezm0 View Post
    I don't know if this thread already exists and sorry if it does, but if not, I'll start by showing my bag.

    I bought this Synapse in February 2013 when it wasn't the Synapse 19 and it has been my daily commute bag since. As you can see from the photos, you can see which zippers I use the most and the peeling of the dyneema/halcyon. My main zipper has gotten to the point where it doesn't close on first try and I have to go back and try again till it gets closed.

    I'm sure there are others bags out there that have been well used.

    Attachment 20285Attachment 20284Attachment 20286
    I am fairly certain TB will repair the main zipper for you. Call customer service and ask.

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    "Not all who wander are lost"
    "Love people, use things, because the opposite never works" - The Minimalists
    Synapse 25 in Olive, Aubergine Side Effect, UV A30 PCBP, Sitka PCSB

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