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    Stowaway first thoughts

    So, my new Stowaway arrived this week and I figured I would post some quick thoughts and pics...because that is what you do, right?

    Construction quality is the normal Tom Bihn excessive to the nth degree of perfection. Great zips, material feels awesome, not a flaw in sight.

    Size- I cannot remember a bag from TB (other than my Aero45) that wasn't surprisingly small when it came out of the box. This is a pic next to my Co-Pilot for reference. The Stowaway is completely packed and the Co-Pilot is empty...but it gets the idea across.

    Stowaway first thoughts-20170810_143950-jpgStowaway first thoughts-20170810_144023-jpg

    The depth of the bag is significantly more but the height and width are very similar. Given the design brief was to keep it under an airline seat this is no real surprise.

    I practice packed it for an overnight trip and it was no problem so I decided to stretch it to two days and see how it worked. I would describe myself as a minimalist (but not ultra minimalist) traveler so your mileage may vary. I did not pack a clean pair of pants so that would impact things, but I carry a Tide stick and cross my fingers! At this point it was pretty full, but not so full that it was hard to close the zippers.

    Stowaway first thoughts-20170810_144100-jpgStowaway first thoughts-20170810_144248-jpg

    The overhead pic shows (clockwise from upper left) 9.7 inch iPad and smart keyboard in a vertical cache, Blue Pocketable parka in stuff bag, noise cancelling in ear phones in padded pouch above a battery, Nexus 6P phone, 3D organizer cube with toiletries, eagle creek small compression cube with 2 tee shirts, two pairs of socks and two pairs of undies (tees and undies are Uniqlo airism), cubelet with iPad charger and cables, the Stowaway and two shirts.

    Winter weather would make packing in the Stowaway a bit more challenging as bulkier clothes take up more space. A second pair of shoes is probably not going to happen in this bag unless you have really small feet. The small eagle creek cube fit perfectly in half of either big pocket.

    I can't decide on the backpack mode until I actually travel with the bag, but it is a bit odd and may take some getting used to. Time will tell. The way the two pieces hinge is a bit strange on my back, but it may come down to figuring out how high, or low to wear it and once I get the straps set they should stay at that length.

    Stowaway first thoughts-img_1556-copy-jpg

    Generally I REALLY like the Stowaway for short trip packing and I am glad I waited for this rather than springing for the WF. The general organization works well for segmenting stuff into sections and the iPad slot even fit my MacBook Air11 in a BookBook case. A MacBook 13 will fit as well in a minimal case or cache and given that stuff is packed around it, even an uncased computer is protected well except on the very bottom of the bag. I would be very careful setting the Stowaway down on the ground if you had an unprotected computer inside of it.

    I do wish that one of the large pockets zipped all the way down to allow you to pack that compartment flat, but that is a fairly minor quibble with the bag. A packing cube sized for that whole compartment would solve that issue nicely.
    Attached Images Attached Images Stowaway first thoughts-20170810_143950-jpg  Stowaway first thoughts-20170810_144023-jpg 

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