Smart Alec at the Wave, Paria Canyon, Arizona-tbsa-wave-jpg

Situated on Coyote Buttes North, in the Paria Canyon area, Arizona is an out of this world rock formation popularly known as "The Wave." Due to the fragile nature of the formations, which are mostly Navajo sandstone, permits are issued to a maximum of twenty people per day. My permit is the fuschia piece of paper hanging off the back of my pack. The hike from the trailhead to the Wave is a short ~6-7 mile round trip. Although the elevation difference between the trailhead and the wave is only ~400ft, the actual total ascent, as measured by my gps, is closer to 1500-1600 feet due to gaining and losing altitude all the time. The Smart Alec held somewhere approximately between 35-40 lbs, mostly photo gear and water, a mistake I won't be making again next time I make another strenuous hike.