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    Social Workin with my Daylight Briefcase

    Hi folks... I know you're into videos and I'm a huge fan of Tom Bihn bags, so here we go!

    I'm cutting/pasting from the blog post I put up on my website... not trying to spam you with anything (mods, please remove if not appropriate).

    I made this video to show you the (many) things I carry in my bag, a Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase that I pack especially for working my side-gig at the Crisis Team at a local hospital where I do psychiatric assessments on people brought in on involuntary hold. Below, I have the list of what I have.

    A video lasting 1 minute, 44 seconds where a man (whose arms and torso you can only see) is standing behind a table with a green bag, a TOM BIHN Daylight Briefcase, that heís unpacking. The Title Reads ďEveryday Carry: Crisis Team EditionĒ. The bagís contents include:

    • Laptop (13-inch)
    • Clipboard (with Assessment)
    • Other Paperwork (Policy Manuals)
    • Pens, Pencil, and Sharpie
    • Tom Bihn Organizer Pouch
    • Mobile Hotspot (taken out of the Organizer Pouch, Verizon Model)
    • Ethernet Cable
    • Power Cords
    • Hospital Work Badge
    • Mini Scissors (Type is: RayMay Style Portable Scissors)

    After everything has been unloaded, the caption reads, ďThatís all! BACK INTO THE BAG!Ē To which I make the following commentary:

    • I like the abundance of pockets
    • O-hooks let me attach key straps and pouch
    • I like the roomieness in the back (more O-rings!)
    • I like separate pockets!
    • The main compartment is hella room-y too
    • Thanks for watching! Gotta go, now.

    I have a bag fetish. I love bags. No, itís not my purse, but bust my chops if you want to.

    My Every Day Carry makes me feel empowered and organized. Besides, I like carrying my stuff that Iím gonna need. So what if thereís a computer where Iím going? I like mine (technically, itís a work issued laptop). The software I need is there and configured to my liking and my germs stay my own (I donít need any new friends). I try to carry only the things Iím gonna need Ė no more, no less.


    I love this bag. Itís compact, light weight, and helps to keep me organized. I like having everything in one space and it is a mobile office where for when I am working my side gig. I like the quality of the material and how it hugs on to my body while not taking up too much space.

    I like being able to dig into my bag and get my clipboard with my assessment and packed forms like a Release of Info (in English and Spanish), task checklist, etc. and be ready to roll. I like being able to stuff things in there (e.g. photocopies of important documents Iím going to need later) and knowing theyíre going to be secure.

    With everything secure, my hands can be free to carry the Red Bull thatís going to help me get through my shift, or shake hands with the MD Iím working.

    • Everyday Carry: Social Work Edition
    • Everyday Carry: My Personal (Fun) Stuff Edition

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    I really appreciate that you included a text version of what's in the video, thank you! And nice review of the bag. I've just purchased one and I think I'm going to like it.

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