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    The Boxer (canine) Bag

    I know. Really...comparing a bag to a boxer.... Let me set the scene--I was away and as part of my morning routine, I spent about an hour having coffee on the porch of The coffeeshop in town. I'd write for pages and pages describing what I saw. One day, I saw a boxer and its owner out for an amble. I'm more of a wire-haired "I have bed-head-and-I-don't care" dog person, but I couldn't help admiring this boxer. It was tight, tidy, and exactly proportioned. Then, I looked over to my new-to-me Stowaway.
    I admit that it's kind of a funny little bag...but when it has writing gear (old school and new) loaded into it, by golly, it is a tight and tidy little bag! Tight meaning no extra...everything fits quite comfortably into its compartments, but not a cubic iota of space is superfluous. A hallmark of TB goods in general, but it struck me anew with this bag. It carried three paper notebooks; a sheaf of papers; a hardcover book; a 10.5 inch iPad with keyboard cover; a small travel tray with cords and fiddly bits; two other pouches holding EDC things; phone; Hat; Long sleeved cotton shirt, unceremoniously rolled and stuffed--wrinkle-schminkle; and there was room for more. I loved that when I picked it up, it all moved together yet the bag didn't feel ballooned. Nor did it sag with weight.
    Just tight, tidy, and ready for adventure. Like the Boxer...sans jowls.
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    Apt description. I have a boxer myself, but he is kind of overweight like me. Also not unlike my TB small cafe bag. I maybe should have gotten a medium-sized one.

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