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    Pocket Travel Pillow review

    So I've had a few opportunities to try out the Pocket Travel Pillow. Most recently, on a flight from the U.S. to West Africa (two longish legs in each direction, one of them overnight).

    My thoughts:


    • Extremely compact. There's really no circumstance under which I wouldn't slip it into my travel bag.
    • Perfect size to cover the travel pillows given out in economy, at least on Delta/KLM. I prefer the smooth fabric over the rough surface of the original. Also, I'm not sure how well the airline-issued pillows are cleaned, so using my own cover offers a bit of comfort that way.


    • It's small. Given the thin surface and compact nature of the pillow, I think it should be larger. I can only sleep on a plane if I'm leaning against the window, and this was small enough so that it didn't cushion as well as I would have liked.
    • In a way, it's too slippery. I found it sliding away from my shoulders or neck against the smooth wall of the plane. However, used as it was probably intended (as a camp pillow), it would have been fine.
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    I find I use it more for lumbar support than for sleeping.

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    Background: In January, I started a thread about the Passport Pouch. The short of it: TB made a slightly larger version of the Passport Pouch. They sent me one to test.

    Along with the Passport Pouch, was a Pocket Pillow. In September 2017, Darcy had offered to send me a Pocket Pillow to road test on a trip to MX. We both got busy, I did not follow-up, I went on my trip without a Pocket Pillow to review. That Darcy would remember many months later is just amazing. Thank you very much, Darcy and TB crew.

    My review of the pocket pillow:

    I also use the airline pillows for lumbar support. I am very short, airline seats curve out, so I sort of sit hunched. Using the airline pillow for lumbar support helps me sit up straight - sort of. I hoped to use the Pocket Pillow for the purpose it was intended and the airline pillow for lumbar support. P.S. I travel in the cattle box.

    Did not quite work out. I stuffed a long sleeve merino shirt, shirt is thin. My set up did not really work as a "pillow." Too thin. Stuffing it with a thicker shirt or sweater may work - I did not try.

    The Pocket Pillow, however, worked GREAT as a stuff bag for my gauzy scarf. I carried this scarf inside the Pocket Pillow in my bag daily during my 21-days trip in July. I used this scarf as a towel to wipe off sweat - walked a lot / hiked some - handwashed it and the pillow in the evening, both dry to take with me the next day.

    I like the pocket pillow as a stuff bag for my gauzy scarf. No worries of snagging and the set up is so thin.

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    It looks, indeed, like the perfect scarves protecting container, when out and about.

    2 of mine have been damaged, even if they are treated with care, just during everyday use.

    I store them in zip plastic bags.

    It is always a great bother, when one is damaged because they all have unique colors and are magical to dress up an outfit.

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